An Islamic Military Alliance of Sunni Nations and the Hindu Rashtra
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An Islamic Military Alliance of Sunni Nations and the Hindu Rashtra

THIS IS important, India.
This could well be a doomsday scenario for us.
This deserves national attention, immediately.
About 4 years ago , an alliance of 39 Islamic countries was formed, with Saudi Arabia at its forefront, and quite obviously with Western backing, ostensibly to fight ISIS. This was an axis of Sunni nations.
Now Saudi Arabia has helped create its Military arm, under the leadership of General Raheel Shareef of Pakistan, in India's own backyard. It is likely to be formidably equipped with armaments from the Western World, funded by Arab petro-dollars.
Whose words held weight across the globe when Gandhi, Nehru, Indira or even Manmohan Singh addressed International issues?
Nobody in India's garrulous news channels is talking about it; India's prominent newspapers are not educating the general public, especially a Hindutva- drunk majority of India's highly misinformed population , forcefed on RSS propaganda by a shortsighted BJP government and its crony capitalist backed corporate media, about this clear and present danger. Just as nobody wants to talk about the strengthening of the Pakistan, China and Russia strategic alliance that's preparing to tighten its noose around an increasingly fragile, deeply divided and falsely puffed up Indian State whose fundamental social contract with its myriads of mini-nations and citizens of innumerable ethnic hues is under the sort of strain that it has never known in several thousand years of syncretic civilizational history , not to speak of its seven decades of existence as a democratic republic since it gained independence from British Colonization.
So let us now proceed to educate ourselves on the alarming developments in the world around us and ask ourselves some pertinent questions in the light of this new Islamic Military Alliance, knowing that our nationalist government' s bête noire, Pakistan is an important member of this alliance as also the Sino-Russo-Pak strategic alliance, and growing in strategic power in our own neighbourhood  while we run after distant and double- crossing USA and undependable Israel as our longed for allies, our new soulmates in the global game.
Back to the Islamic Military Alliance, created on the lines of NATO, to which India, the rising Hindu Rashtra, has no answer as of date.
How do you like the idea, India?
Especially when General Raheel Shareef , ex Chief of the Pakistan Army heads those united forces ?
And especially when the 18% Muslim population is ready to yell blue murder with Al Jazeera and the BBC airing news views and documentaries on cow vigilante lynchings, Love Jehad lynchings, slaughter house and meat shop closures and the fear and misery stalking India's largest minority in the Modi- Yogi era?
Especially when Pakistan China and Russia have already firmed up their strategic alliance and India stands isolated in its own continent?
Especially when 56 African nations complain to the UN about your racism?
Especially when the favoured ally of your ruling dispensation is ruled by a slippery customer like Trump and is losing its strategic power by the day?
Will Israel which is loyal to none but itself be your sole lodestar, your only ally in this frightening universe?
Is this the denouement that the comparatively less polarising than most BJP Foreign Minister and her formidable establishment at the MEA have been working for?
Is this the India whose pronouncements on Panchsheel were once hailed across the comity of nations?
Whose words held weight across the globe when Gandhi, Nehru, Indira or even Manmohan Singh addressed International issues?
When they bite at India, now none will come to India's rescue.
Which was a power to be reckoned with in the Group of 77?
The Deep State of the US, the CIA and the Pentagon would dearly love to have kind of leverage over India that they have over so many nations that they have used and destroyed across the globe.
When they bite at Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Alliance has to be reckoned with. 
When the bite at Syria or Iran, Russia has to be reckoned with.
When they bite at India, now none will come to India's rescue.
Though of course Russia China and Pakistan would be quite happy to see India be the next theatre of war rather than their own territories .
The Islamic Military Alliance may be a Crescent  ending in one of its big stars, Pakistan, but once we look at it in conjunction with the China- Russia- Pakistan Strategic Alliance, again with Pakistan at one end, it begins to look suspiciously like a noose tightening around India's self- absorbed , US-centred neck. Pakistan is hedging its bets all ways, India is putting all its eggs in one undependable unravelling basket.

The US quite clearly is preparing India and the Indian Ocean as its theatre of war in case of a major showdown with China , as far away from their own territory as possible, in a "NIMBY " (not in my backyard ) syndrome plan.
This would reduce our "emerging superpower" dreams, our " nuclear power" pretensions, our 7000 year old Civilization, our burgeoning population and our prized land and water territory to rubble in short order.
Welcome to Armageddon, dear newly born Hindu Rashtra!
Be ready for your Baptism by Fire, which might well end up being your cremation and funeral as well.
That Kabristan and Shamshaan speech was more Prophetic than its speaker knew. Let us prepare to be the Ulitmate Graveyard of Civilization.
Goodbye India. It was nice knowing you while you lasted, however flawed hypocritical and chaotic you were!


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