AAP's candidate selection process, Conspiracy by Delhi Darbar: Gandhi
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AAP's candidate selection process, Conspiracy by Delhi Darbar: Gandhi

Raising questions on the process adopted by APP for selecting candidates for assembly election in Punjab, Dr Dharamvira Gandhi, Member Parliament from Patiala said it is a conspiracy by Delhi Darbar and its lackeys to crush the Politico-organizational independence and play a trick on honest and hardworking volunteers of AAP.
In a recent press conference Aam Aadmi Party has issued statement that Party will announce its candidates for assembly election by June end. 
Gandhi said that the sixteen member propaganda committee has been converted into Screening Committee whose fourteen members themselves are aspirants for tickets.
Gandhi said, "The Thousand dollar question is what kind of justice these aspirants will hand over to the other applicants of the constituency for which they themselves are seeking tickets. Won’t they block the others applications for making to ‘Five Member Committee’ if some other applicant is more deserving than these. It is worth noting that all the five members of ‘Five Member Committee’ are also members of the ‘Screening Committee’. Again Sanjay Singh also is member of the PAC. The final decision which rests with PAC which does not have a member from Punjab goes onto show that the real power rests with Sanjay Singh and PAC (sic).”
"Ideally any one aspiring to fight election should not have been a member of the selection committees; or should resign before embarking on the selection process such that the selection process is not partisan” commented Dr Gandhi.
Dharamvira alleged that the Party has forsaken the democratic process of selection of candidates from among the volunteers and by the volunteers and hoodwinked the volunteers into accepting the centralization of all powers in one man. Democracy in the Party thus has been totally snuffed out. Dr Gandhi himself through a video on social media had proposed a model for democratic process of selection wherein volunteers have had a full say; yet the Party ignored and reneged from the basic principles of the Party which can harm its prospects in 2017.


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