Hurt & angry, we’ve tried rage, anger. Did we miss karuna?
30.10.18 - S Pal

ONE READING OF any account of the victims of 1984, and your blood will boil. One meeting with a group of widows of anti-Sikh massacres of 1984, and your blood will boil. One quick read of the first person accounts of the November 1984 riots ...

Amarinder Singh, the coup in the CBI & the ED case: Headline is missing, so please read it between the lines
24.10.18 - S Pal

YOU WILL NOT read this headline in any newspaper, but you are not stupid, either. It's not a piece of news that you cannot read between the lines. That's why most readers often know more about our leaders than the newspapers/news television tell them.

It is ...

Questioning Bargari is a Civic Duty, Sanctioned by the Guru
19.10.18 - S Pal

THE PRIME PURPOSE of anyone even thinking of committing sacrilege of holy scriptures of any religion is to incite the devout. Such is the power of the blasphemy/sacrilege narrative that the devout get incited in accordance with the script.

None of this happens in a vacuum. ...

I saw MeToo in Sector 17, Chandigarh, & everyone missed it
11.10.18 - S Pal

WHILE THE MeToo movement in India must be welcomed, the fact remains that it is a movement of the elite. 

It must not be tarnished because it is an elite phenomenon so far; instead it should be celebrated and encouraged so that it hopefully expands, penetrates, ...

What one leaves behind
16.09.18 - Jawed Naqvi

ATAL BEHARI VAJPAYEE's ashes were immersed in the Ganga. Nehru had his scattered over the Himalayas from a plane. Theatre diva Zohra Sehgal desired no such fuss. She left a stark message for her followers to cremate her quietly and put her ashes in the ...

Punjab’s angry crowds – Unsheathed swords, swinging lathis. All for the Guru.
07.09.18 - S Pal

THE CROWDS ARE angry, and they are baying for blood. The rulers are guiding them as to whose blood they must spill. Brandishing unsheathed swords, swinging sturdy lathis and shouting the war cry of Bole So Nihal, the devout are converging wherever they find a ...

Will Punjab see a new party by 2019? Panthic, nationalist, Punjabi, & without Badals
05.09.18 - S Pal

WILL PUNJAB SEE the emergence of a new political party, headed by Captain Amarinder Singh, panthic in nature and nationalist in its positioning, by 2019? Will Punjab see mid-term polls next year? The window is now wide open. 

With the Akali Dal sinking into a vortex ...

To save the faith
02.09.18 - Amandeep Sandhu

MY UNCLE HAD always wanted to go back to his village in Punjab. When he passed away in Delhi mid-August, his daughter Minni took his body to village Chakklan, district Morinda. The shareeka — larger family, kin, village community — took over the funeral rites. ...

Hua Panthik-Panthik Punjab - How do we reclaim real politics?
01.09.18 - S Pal

IN SEARING HEAT and amid ricocheting gunfire, when the Vijayanta Tanks of the Indian Army rolled into the parikarma of Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, it solidified a long-term narrative in Punjab politics: that the Congress was anti-panthic, and the Akalis were a panthic lot.

For three ...

Pakistan, Navjot Sidhu & the hug: Amarinder Singh 2018 is opposing Amarinder Singh 2004
23.08.18 - S Pal

IS A SHORT-TERM political exigency actually eroding the goodwill capital earned by Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh?

No one can dispute two simple facts: Firstly, that Captain Amarinder Singh had emerged as the harbinger of the Indo-Pak civilian discourse and steered a popular Punjab-Punjab narrative ...

Narendra Modi will fend off this attack from Vajpayee. He did it earlier, too.
17.08.18 - S Pal

NO ONE HAS lost more than Narendra Modi in the death of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The former Prime Minister, who once reminded 'hamare Narendra Bhayee Modi' of his 'raj dharma,' seemed to have timed his death perfectly to deliver a message to the incumbent prime ...

Welcome to 1947. Happy Independence Day. Would you like to step out?
13.08.18 - S Pal

WE LIVE IN 1947. It is midnight. A job is being done. An agenda is being implemented. We will see the morning only when the task is accomplished. Millions crossed the Radcliffe line; others are still being told to go. In 1947, the announcements were ...

Sikh rebellion: Questioning the SGPC's authority
10.08.18 - VIPIN PUBBY*

THE Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), housed in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, is considered the Mini Parliament of the Sikhs. It holds sway over the affairs of this community with huge funds and vast powers at its disposal.

The Committee, which was set up under ...

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election: NDA wins, Akali Dal loses
09.08.18 - S Pal

IN THE ELECTION of the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman on Thursday, the Akali Dal of Sukhbir Singh Badal lost rather badly, without even a consolation prize. That's the political result of the joust.

As for the electoral joust, Harivansh Narayan Singh of the Janata Dal (United) ...

Mr SY Quraishi, can you please help to save this pet dog locked inside this sealed building?
02.08.18 - S Pal

IF ONLY RAHUL GANDHI had said it, or even a Manish Tiwari, all hell would have broken loose, and Amit Shah would have declared on the floor of the Rajya Sabha that the man advocating the cause of the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Election ...

Punjab is Silent as India Wakes Up to Talk of Refugees, Migration, Issues of Citizenship
Refugee se refugee mile, kar kar chotte haath
30.07.18 - S PAL

 Indian national media’s top story finds no mention in Punjab newspapers, TV
PUNJAB IS A land of the refugees. Certainly, a large number of refugees. Partition meant that millions were displaced, and forced to trudge their way into the Indian Punjab, Delhi, Jammu, parts of Rajasthan ...

Democracy: From Jantar Mantar to Matka Chowk, march with the help of Supreme Court
26.07.18 - S Pal

Editors may not come to the chowk, but sons and daughters of Mother India must
IS DEMOCRACY BACK at the chowk? Sample this: It took a strong people's movement extending over years, massive public opinion mobilisation, the legacy of Chipko agitation and tireless efforts of civil ...

Amarinder first to talk about AAP-Congress alliance, but what could it mean?
23.07.18 - S Pal*

MAKING THE MOST definitive statement till date about his party's stance towards the Aam Aadmi Party, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has made it clear that the Congress is open to a pre-poll alliance with the AAP.

"Building alliances is the prerogative of the central ...

CHIDAMBARAM IS WRONG – The cry of Sushma Swaraj and the silence of Rajnath Singh
08.07.18 - S Pal

"Not one fellow minister or (BJP) party functionary" condemned the trolls hounding Union Minister Sushma Swaraj, claimed former Union Finance Minister and one of the sharpest critics of the Modi government, P Chidambaram of the Congress.

He is wrong. 

BJP's Ram Madhav, a man with a direct ...

Amarinder a little less Congressy, Akali Dal a little more saffron
05.07.18 - kanwar manjit singh

PIARA SINGH WAS a little, chubby kid, studying in Class 2. His father Dilbagh Singh was a religious man. On that hot day in June, he was at Sri Harimandir Sahib to observe the martyrdom day of the Fifth Sikh Master. A grenade lobbed by ...

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