Woman dies after “200% safe” surgery worth Rs 43 lakh fails
Woman dies after “200% safe” surgery worth Rs 43 lakh fails

A 60-year-old Thane resident, Mithula Bafna, spent Rs 43 lakh for his wife's treatment but lost her after a heart valve fell into her heart during a surgery at Hinduja hospital, Mumbai.

Bafna, in a complaint filed at the Maharashtra Medical Council, said that doctors had assured him that the surgery is 200% safe and his wife Manju will be able to go home in 5 days. But, contrary to doctors' claim, she left the hospital in a comatose state 60 days after the surgery and breathed her last a few minutes later in an ambulance on December 19, reported The Times of India.
After repeated complaints, Hinduja Hospital reimbursed 12.47 lakh rupees to the Bafna family on "humanitarian grounds.” The family also received an additional 11 lakh through medical insurance.

Following his wife’s death, Mithulal Bafna has registered a complaint with the Maharashtra Medical Council on 28th December 2017 against Hinduja Hospital for medical negligence. The family contents that they were not told about the full risks of the procedure and they never had a chance to meet or interact with the specialist who was flown in for the surgery.
The surgery had taken place in the presence of top heart specialists. Cardiologist Dr Ravinder Singh Rao had flown down from Jaipur for the transcatheter procedure.
However, the medical side, medical director of Hinduja Hospital director Sanjay Agarwala, cardiac surgeon Kushal Pandey and Singh Rao did not agree to this. Pandey had operatd Manju 6 years ago and informed that she was unwell and couldn't have survived for more than 6 months. Dr Agarwala said that they showed no negligence. The valve couldn't deploy but surgeons fixed a mechanical valve instead.
Bafna's son-in-law, Bharkatiya, claimed that they were told the total expense will be around Rs 20 Lakh which later shot up to Rs 43 lakh. Even the sale papers of the imported valve which mentioned a price of Rs 1.5 lakh, was sold at Rs 11 lakh to the family members.
The hospital has denied all charges of medical negligence and Dr Kushal Pandey from Hinduja Hospital told TOI that the patient was on her way to recovery after the operation. Contradicting the family’s claims of medical negligence, it was a bout of vomiting that triggered an infection. This in turn caused health complications and ultimately led to Manju Bafna’s death.

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