Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings
Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings

Scary and sad news about the fire in Kamala Mills last night has come as a shocking wake up call. Most of the dead were a group of friends at a birthday party...a situation any of us could find ourselves on any given evening.

Sharing this as this kind of information can actually save your and others life, so let's train ourselves to get into the habit of paying alert attention to a few things whenever you are out partying ...

KNOW YOUR EXITS....there's a reason exit signs are lit up, and why it's the first thing they talk about when you get on an airplane. Wherever you are, you must take a moment to mentally note where the different exits are. Most of the people who died last night had backed themselves  into an un-ventilated bathroom with no exit, and they perished from suffocation. Please even in a theater or pub or restaurant KNOW YOUR EXITS!!

- Take a mental note of any fire extinguishers or water hoses you see placed in a restaurant/bar/hotel/anywhere.

Be an observant person not an onlooker

If there's a fire show or fire antics, it's better to miss it n stay out for a bit than to hope the unexpected doesn't happen

Smoke rises, so keep low to the ground (even to the point of crawling on your belly) if there is smoke in the room. 99% of deaths from fire incidents come from suffocation of smoke, not from the actual fire.

If you're opening a closed door trying to get out during a fire, lightly tap the handle first to see if it is hot. The hotter a handle/doorknob is, the more fire is likely to be on the other side.

If you are trapped in a room with no exit the best thing you can do is stay low to the ground, breathe through a cloth or clothing over your mouth and nose, and make some kind of a signal to the outside (example...hanging a white curtain out of a window). If there aren't windows that open...break them and try to signal for help.

Sorry for the unhappy message, but that could have been any of us or our family last night. These places are our regular socializing choices and we all know that infrastructure/following the proper safe fire codes, is not something that every establishment owner takes seriously.

Let's make a mental note to just take a few minutes to be aware of our surroundings and stay safe!

Comment by: Dr.Naveen

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