Why Do We Love The Nonsense Talk
Why Do We Love The Nonsense Talk

Robin Sharma says… "Average People Talk about People. Exceptional People Discuss Their Dreams”.
Man is a social being. He interacts and mingle with different groups of society. This interaction becomes all the more pleasant and interesting when we are sitting among our friends. We chat, laugh, and discuss things- sometimes important and sometimes unimportant. We chill. Sometimes, we do bit of "Gossip", too.
Life becomes good when surrounded by friends.  We give our ‘true’, perfect, first hand views about people sitting among peers, laughing and opening up with them. A group of girls planned a holiday after they all got married. All the friends were in full mood and talked about everything on Earth. It was quite interesting as they met after a long time so they talked about everything, ranging from their husband’s most irritating habits to good habits, but the favourite topic remained- MOTHERS-IN-LAW. This topic had a variety. Many of the friends were newly-wed so everybody did put their input. Prerna said her mother-in-law was good. She helped her in her daily chores. All were quite amused as its rare we listen to such good things especially about mothers-in-law. Guntas expressed her feelings that her mother-in-law favors her daughter more than her. Ruchika said her sister-in-law felt jealous when all appreciated her for good food she prepares or for the beautiful suits she wore. Other friend poured her heart narrating her tales of bad mother-in-law. Every time, it's not that all mothers-in-law are bad but small little habits get too irritated.
This was one side of the coin. Mrs Cheena organized kitty party at her place. Naturally ladies of her age attended the party. When they were together, the topic of daughters-in-law was natural to crop up. Now, they all narrated their views. Some gelled quite well with their daughter-in-laws while few had issues. Mrs. Cheema was not very happy at the prospect of daughter-in-laws becoming more open and modern. One of the member complained that her daughter-in-law is too lazy. Mrs. Pandher complained that too much education has spoiled young girl's mind. Over all, it was mainly criticism in the whole party.
Few days back, I was sitting at my friend's place, Surbhi. It has been just few months that she had joined a college near Chandigarh. She was narrating her piece of story about how politics goes around at work place. Females are not given much opportunity to come forward in life. Her experience was not very healthy. While we were chatting, one of our friends, who was working in a newspaper joined us. She was so frustrated with her colleagues that she didn't felt like interacting with them. She complained about then not being co-operative and instead being more into back-biting. Quite unexpectedly, we discussed lot many things and derived many conclusions. Overall, we had a great day. But, somewhere all we were involved into the whole day was criticism. 
Yesterday, I was out of station and when I came back I was so pissed off to find the house all messy and dirty as my servant didn't come. Without wasting much time, I ran to my neighbor’s house to discover that her maid also didn't turned up because she's sick. Then, standing at the gate only we discussed rather criticized servants whole-heartedly. Our so called discussion went something like this--Oh God, these maids are pathetic. Give them money every day but don't ask them to work. They are thankless creatures. They have nearly become indispensable but what to do we don't have any option. We literally have to submit ourselves to them. bad...
Aman and Neeraj were discussing politics. Neeraj commented... Manmohan Singh is a corrupt man, without having any facts or logic. Aman pointed him out if he has seen him doing corruption? Neeraj's reply was quite amazing... No, I haven't met him but I "think" so. So, now we can well imagine what our plight is when we speak. "Kejriwal’s government will work or it will not work… He’s good administrator or he’s bad.” We comment. Appreciation is less but criticism is more. There are two things- Think before you speak or at least think after you speak. Hardly any people actually implement this. We don’t even bother what is said or done. Majority of us talk without logic, merely just few observations or sometimes they are not even observations instead fake comments about others. And, after criticizing, we end it saying…. "Oh, leave it, we were just discussing”.
These are just the few instances from routine life. Did you notice something? We have talked about variegated topics we are involved into. We hardly appreciate any person’s hard-work. As it’s said,
"The most easiest and simple task is to condemn and criticize others”.
The problem is, we have so many complexes---may be inferiority or superiority complex. We lack initiative in life, and don’t have much courage to ‘be a change to bring about change’. We don’t think in those terms. Then, what happens when we see other person excelling in his or her life, we feel jealous. And, out of jealousy, we tend to say bad words about others. The problem is they can’t stop the other person so the easiest way is to condemn and criticize others. Quite unfortunate to point out, if we have a look around, we’ll notice that in seminars we don’t concentrate on new issues. "NEW ELEMENT’ is lacking just people are running to get a certificate or a status in the long run. These are just few observations.
Besides these, there are not one but numerous topics we talk throughout the day. Fashion, politics, family relations, sex or others we can talk about them at length.
The point is throughout the day we are so much engrossed in our daily routines that we don’t even observe we waste so much time gossiping about others. If self-introspection is done then we’ll see how much actually we talk sense? Or we talk about some constructive work? Last but not the least, how much we are positive? We hardly like to talk about new issues in life, we rarely talk about creative aspect of life but are more involved into back-biting. So, we need to mend our outlook. If not much, at least we should try to concentrate on positive aspects of life. Actual aim of writing this piece is that we should analyze as to how much we talk about overall developments, achievements, creative ideas, dreams, desires, goals of our life in a day. Instead, we are busy discussing other people and their lives, which leads us nowhere. So quit nonsense talks and become exceptional people and discuss dreams...


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