Review : Love Punjab
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Review : Love Punjab

Pargat (Amrinder Gill) and Jessica (Sargun Mehta) are a couple who are going through separation for various reasons. They together have a son named Manveer (Manveer Johal) who has his own set of problems in school where he faces racism and discrimination issues. Manveer goes into deep depression and on the recommendation of the doctor, his parents decide to take him to Punjab to show his roots, culture and ancestral village.
Jessica somehow manages to convince her father in law, Brar Sarpanch (Yograj Singh) to show Manveer the Punjab he’s dreamt of – A clean, drug free Punjab. Will Manvir Love Punjab? Will Punjab bring the love back between Pargat and Jessica? Well find out after you watch the film. Here’s our analysis.
At the onset, it may sound and look very easy to bring back a successful team (Angrej, 2015), but real challenge lies in transforming the new film into a goldmine at the box-office. Director Rajiv Dhingra makes his directorial debut with Love Punjab. He’s been entrusted with a very big responsibility of making this film titled ‘Love Punjab’ which deals with various aspects – Child Psychology, Separation, Common Issues in Punjab – Corruption, Drug Addiction, Child Equality and the script which he chose to depict these problems ain’t a tragedy or slow art house cinema but mainstream commercial ‘Rom-Com’.
Right from the word go (read ‘first frame), the film’s writer Amberdeep Singh successfully hits the right cords.  Amberdeep who is at the helm of things in the writing department is now a seasoned campaigner when it comes to flawless screenplays. No forceful scenes, no unwanted songs, smoothly moving screenplay with no hiccups and glitches, punch-packed dialogues. What else do you expect from a big film? The story revolves around a couple and their child. People always ask for something different from punjabi filmmakers and here’s a writer who has now given you 2 back-2-back really different from the league and yet entertaining films.
Rajiv Dhingra, who marks his directorial debut with this film has done a lot of television as a director before. He seems to be in the hangover of television in some of the scenes. But he’s flawless in the other ones. I felt that Dhingra let go off some scenes which could have turned into classical moments in the Canada schedule which happened to be the entire 1st half. But when the film shifts to Punjab, believe it or not Dhingra is a different person all together. Maybe he got a bundle of talented actors to play with instead of just 4 in Canada. (Interesting fact – Punjab portion was shot before the Canada portion).
As far as the performances are concerned, Amrinder Gill seems to be in a different league all together. 8 years back, when he made his debut with Munde U.K. De, I personally never thought that Amrinder could act this brilliant one day. But he’s proved me and so many others wrong twice in 8 months time. He was brilliant all together but especially in the argument scene at lawyer’s office he was just too good. Sargun Mehta who won our (read ‘my’) heart(s) with her portrayal of Dhan Kaur in Angrej has won the same heart again. I wonder how she just comes to Punjab, delivers a power-packed performance and goes back to her regular TV life in Mumbai. This is just like the phenomenon called ‘Eat-Sleep-Repeat’ happening with Sargun. Amrinder and Sargun’s chemistry in the film was simply iconic. Manvir Johal as Young Manvir was fantastic in the film. I hope he doesn’t get over-utilised in films now.
Coming to the supporting cast, Yograj Singh and Nirmal Rishi were just absolutely amazing with their characters. In some scenes, their chemistry was way better than the lead pair’s chemistry. Maybe I haven’t seen them in this much significant roles as this one in recent times. There were 3 guest appearances in this film – Rana Ranbir (2 scenes), Amberdeep Singh (3/4 scenes), Binnu Dhillon (4/5 scenes). All of them had the same job – to make you laugh and they do it with ease, especially Binnu Dhillon. As soon as he comes on screen people laugh as they see his face. Rest of the support cast comprises of Hardeep Gill, Harby Sangha, Harj Nagra, Gurinder Makna and others. All  of the support cast fit into their roles well. One or two here and there did not fit but who cares? Hardeep Gill was wasted here. The actor of his potential shall be doing bigger roles and not 2-3 scene roles. Harj Nagra as Zora had a forgettable on-screen debut.
Coming to music, no prizes for guessing who the music composer was. 3 mainstream releases this year and just one name for music – Jatinder Shah. He’s such a busy man, I wonder does he even remember which song he composes for which film? Here Shaan Wakhri was the best of the lot followed by Heerey, Des (Ranjit Bawa), Goriyan Bahvan, Akhiyan De Taare. Basically the whole 7 track album is a complete package. My review will not be complete if I do not mention Naveen Misser’s cinematography. He was just brilliant at his job. I loved his work.
Overall, Love Punjab is an entertaining gem. Brilliant performances, superb and new story, power packed dialogues (hell lots of punches), foot tapping music. Isn’t this much package enough a reason to watch this film? If
Yes, go watch it then!
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