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Communities and nations are formed by symbols.
25.02.16 - Amandeep Sandhu

I am sure the bhaktas and the BJP will maintain a long silence over this, but that is exactly why problems in Punjab fester and blow out of proportion: why was the Sikh regiment not part of the Republic Day parade?
The Punjab CM Badal, whose party SAD is based on panthic issues and seeks to represent Sikh causes has now written to the PM calling it 'sad and regrettable'. The Congress has jumped into the fray calling it a 'grave omission'. The Sikhs are upset and as happens with issues related to Sikhs the grievance is pouring in from UK and the Diaspora. The reason alleged is that the French premier was the chief guest and Sikhs in France have been contesting French laws which disallow turbans in schools. India did not want to displease the French.
The BJP is in partnership with the SAD in Punjab and their marriage is ...




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