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Let's All Become Political
20.06.16 - Nischay Pal

Punjab needs to become relevant. Every Punjabi wishes for that. "But are we not relevant already," one may ask. The simple answer is, we were. At one time, we were the food grain providers extra ordinary. And on top of that, we are a border state. As long as South Asia remained an unstable zone, we were very relevant.

Now, with agriculture in stagnation and many other states catching up and becoming food grain providers to the national grainary, Punjab is losing its prime relevance.

We are well on our way to become a super power, at least in the region we inhabit. With India and Pakistan no more hyphenated by the world, and certainly not by the United States, we can well forget a full scale war scenario in the near or even distant future.

So even that one aspect of life that made us seriously relevant is now fading away.

With just ...




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