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Hindustan Times' Hate Tracker will no more track hate?

New Delhi: India's leading English language daily newspaper, Hindustan Times, which had started a special crowd-sourced national database of hate crimes, is losing its zeal for tracking hate. 

Senior Hindustan Times staffers have been instructed by HT's Chief Content Officer (yes, they have such a post), Rajesh Mahapatra, that hate tracker tweets or hate tracker-related tweets are not to be retweeted any more.
Hate Tracker clearly was not to the liking of the BJP, the RSS and several saffron-tinged tentacles of the Sangh Parivar even though it was an equal opportunity offender when it comes to religious affiliations of those indulging in bigotry-related crimes. 
Mahapatra is the second-in-command with the HT's editorial heirarchy who has a say on what goes and what does not into the media group's content.

‘Hate Tracker’ was a platform put in place by Bobby Ghosh, the Hindustan Times' recently relieved editor whose exit was announced by proprietor Shobhana Bhartia ...

Patiala, via Panchkula. Soon Reaching Your City. Hail Democracy!
20.09.17 - Kamjaat Singh

Welcome to Panchkula - now in Patiala. Very soon in your own city also. Just plan a protest.

Farmers have announced that they plan to protest in front of the private residence of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. 
They could come in thousands, and they may actually say extremely disturbing things, like, 'Please fulfil the promise you made when you sought our votes. You said you will waive off our debt. Please waive off our debt."

The police is in action. The judiciary is adamant on doing everything it can to ensure there is no disruption to the normal life of citizens of Patiala. 

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has now made clear to the farmers that they must not allow the 'halaat' to become 'kharaab' at any cost.

It is clear that the police has picked up the signals from Panchkula and from the higher judiciary about how to ensure that the 'halaat' ...

Political economy of extension in age of retirement
13.09.17 - Dr. Pyara Lal Garg

THE TOTAL EXPECTED Revenue receipts of Punjab Government for the year 2017-18 as per Budget estimates are to the tune of Rs. 60,080 crore, while the estimated expenditure is Rs. 74,864 Crore. Revenue deficit is pegged at Rs. 14784 Crore which is 3.18% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the year. In this total expenditure, Rs. 30979 crore (51.56%) that is more than half is to be incurred on salaries and pensions alone. Salary component being 20,832 crore and that for pension Rs. 10,147 crore.
Another addition is the interest payments on the loans raised; the same turns out to be Rs. 14,149 crore. After taking into account these three items the remaining amount for all other chores is Rs. 14,952 crore. These figures speak of the tragedy of the economy of Punjab, in it are hidden the secrets of the suicides of farmers and farm labour, the secrets ...

The Gorakhpur Dead Speak to Punjab
11.09.17 - Awagyakrit Singh

BETWEEN AUGUST 7 and August 11, 60 children died in Gorakhpur's BRD Hospital. On the single night of August 10, 23 children died. This is the night when the oxygen supply allegedly dried up. On two days of Aug 29 and 30, 42 kids died in same hospital. At BRD Gorakhpur, the month of August saw 290 children dead— 213 in NICU, 77 in the encephalitis ward. 
A few days later, it emerged that 49 children died in the same one month at Ram Manohar Lohia (Mahila) Hospital in Farrukhabad, allegedly for the same reason. As a leading sociologist and public intellectual has asked, have we become a "nation without common decency, common practicality and basic compassion?”
Why else will a TV anchor shriek that we should not speak about the Gorakhpur dead and instead speak about "real issues” like Vande Matram?
The point, however, is to speak not just about the Gorakhpur ...

The Assassination of Dissent
FAQ on the cold blooded killings
06.09.17 - sanehead

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on the cold blooded killing at 8:30 pm yesterday of Gauri Lankesh, strong independent journalist based in Bangalore.
Q: After Dabholkar, Kalburgi and Pansare, Gauri , the daughter of eminent independent journalist , late P Lankesh, who was editor of the Kannada periodical, Gauri Lankesh Patrike, her version of the legacy of her father's Lankesh Patrike, and  always stood for courageous dissent with the establishment , is shot dead in cold blood outside her home in Bengaluru.
Is this the shape of things to come for all of us who have any brains left in India ?
A: Indeed. It doesn't seem to be our country any more. India has become a banana republic. We've been hijacked by a mad medievalist cult - a killer cult.
Q: Do you think that this will harm the BJP?
A: They are beyond caring. Their modus operandi goes far beyond the ballot box.
Q: But in ...

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