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Dera through the Punjab lens
Need to urgently address disquiet over multiple crises
29.08.17 - Amandeep Sandhu

It was a decade ago that the shroud of banality ‘Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan’ spun fell on Punjab, in particular the Sikh community. I saw it first-hand in the summer of 2007 when my mother lay dying from stage IV cancer in Mandi Dabwali, south Punjab, 40 km from Sirsa where he is the head of a Dera. Soon after Baisakhi that year, Gurmeet Singh — whose rise remains shrouded in mystery and who was already charged with rape and accused in the murder of journalist Ramchandra Chhatrapati — had imitated the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh’s clothing and ritual Khande di Pahul while conducting the initiation for the followers of his cult, the Dera Sacha Sauda.
Punjab is sending out a signal: it is shunning violence. Do not mistake this shunning of violence as an absence of disquiet.
The Sikh faith disallows the use of the term Sacha ...

Relax! All 30 were dera premis
Aam Aadmi in Panchkula
27.08.17 - SP Singh*

AS MEDIA HEADLINES swerved from 'Uneasy Calm, Situation Tense' to 'Mayhem in Panchkula, 30 Dead', the articulation of the narrative about democracy, rights of citizens, notions of peace, and the hyper engagement with the rather elusive construct of Aam Aadmi also travelled quite some distance.

The middle class conscience is a funny thing, and it swerves just as wildly in its relationship to a moral equilibrium. Just a couple of years back, it was resonating with much talk about the aam aadmi, and now it resonated with demands for unencumbered use of force against aam aadmi. Or were the hordes in Panchkula not covered by that term?

Let's settle some basic facts first. Allowing hordes of anxious if not agitated people to gather at one place was wrong if intelligence was available that it could lead to an untoward scenario. The obsequious deference that the regime displayed in dealing with a rape ...

War against the State?
27.08.17 - SANEHEAD

WHY DO WE not understand, that the incidents of August 25 in Panchkula and other parts of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi constitute pre planned war against the State of India as by Law established, including its entire judicial system and peaceful citizens by an outlaw called Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his trained army of followers?

They defied the courts of law, the prohibitory orders of the state, disrupted normal life, attacked innocent citizens, unlawfully entered people's homes, burnt government offices, public transport, media vans, railway trains and offered armed resistance to the Army as well as other armed forces of the State and assaulted officers of the Law. They rioted unashamedly and uncontrollably without any regard to the law of the land and waged civil war against their fellow citizens.

They did this in four states and two union territories.

The Army had to be called in to control them.

This was an armed ...

The next steps in the Baba files
No Ordinary Criminal
26.08.17 - SANEHEAD

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insaan is not being kept in prison like an ordinary criminal.

He was flown in a luxury chopper to a guest house in the premises of the Haryana Police Training College outside Rohtak town.

He is being allowed private attendants and food of his choice and all VVIP facilities.

His lawyers will be allowed to argue via videoconferencing on Monday from Rohtak itself.
Is this how a criminal convicted of rape should be treated?

He should be put in solitary confinement in Tihar jail at once.

His Dera in Sirsa has not been searched for arms and for disbanding of his private militia and tactical leaders who are masterminding financing equipping and guiding the Dera- premis' violence from these headquarters where he also has set up a media war room.

The entire Dera premises and all premis present there including employees should be strip searched and sent home and the premises searched sanitised and ...

The Judge, The Complainants And The Judgement
A Salute To The Lower Judiciary Of India
25.08.17 - SANEHEAD

A Salute to the Lower Judiciary of India.

A Salute to the Brave Judge Jagdeep Singh of the CBI Court Panchkula who delivered the landmark judgement against Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan today in the midst of superhuman efforts by several governments and rampant hordes of misguided people to pressurise him to refrain from doing so.

This was no mean task.

For an individual judge to deliver a fair and impartial judgement when whole governments - of the Centre, two states, and a Union Territory had succumbed to popular pressure is nothing short of heroic.

We do not know what safety will be available to this judge and his family and for how long.

He still has to pass sentence on the quantum of punishment on Monday the 28th.

He also has to pass judgement in the case of murder of journalist Ram Chandra Chattrapati of Poora Sach Newspaper of Sirsa in which Gurmeet Ram Rahim ...

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