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Dear Prime Minister, Remember the nineties? And Arjun and the eye of the fish?
13.08.16 - preet k s bedi

Till the eighties, terms like GDP and growth rate were for pink papers, deficit was a meaningless concept as the government could always print more money and job creation meant the government hiring more people. With low growth, high inflation and no job creation, we were inching towards a precipice. And crashed into it in 1990. 
Though packaged as a correction of social inequality, the Mandal agitation was really a wake-up call announcing that government just did not have enough jobs and opportunities for the armies passing out of schools and colleges. Job creation had to be planned.  
It was left to the two most colourless men running a minority government to change it all. Whether by circumstance or design, they plunged so completely into reforms that economy became everyone’s business. In hindsight this was their smartest move. They  by-passed the political class entirely and made economy a topic of discussion ...

Rise of the rowdy class: It’s time for SAD to look within
11.08.16 - Nirmal Sandhu*

A clean-shaven Akali leader is still an unusual sight, hard to associate with the Shiromani Akali Dal. However, when Navdeep Goldy manhandled Amritsar’s Deputy Mayor last Thursday and pointed a gun at him right in the presence of the Deputy Commissioner, all doubts about his being an Akali ‘kaka’ disappeared. In recent years such lumpen elements have been nurtured in the Akali political culture. 
Taking law into one’s own hands, disregarding authority, using force to settle issues and having one’s own way are qualities that make young Akalis stand out. Goldy reportedly escaped with his gunman’s AK-47 and the DC did not have the nerve to get him arrested right there after a criminal act of assault had happened.
One still associates Parkash Singh Badal with a bygone era when impolite talk was viewed disapprovingly. Today’s Akal Dal has evolved under Sukhbir and every tehsil and district level leader wants to sound ...




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