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That is the way to exit...
20.07.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

Cricketer turned politician Navjot Sidhu, who has a knack to remain in the headlines, appears to have cut more than he could chew in his latest spat with chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

By remaining adamant on not taking charge of his new portfolio as Power minister and trying his best to push the central high command of the party to force the chief minister to retain his old portfolio of urban and local bodies, Navjot Sidhu has burnt his bridges with the Congress. In yet another instance of indiscipline, he sent his resignation from the cabinet to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi rather than to the chief minister. Obviously he wanted to exert pressure on the chief minister through Rahul Gandhi and other senior leaders.

Capt Amarinder Singh stood his ground during the efforts made by Rahul Gandhi and others for a compromise but there was very little to defend Navjot ...

Karnataka in Punjab — How Speaker Rana KP Singh is in no hurry to take a decision on resignations of MLAs
18.07.19 - kanwar manjit singh

As shenanigans in the Karnataka Assembly are exploding on the national political scene, a similar drama in Punjab has gone either largely unreported or shockingly under-reported. Several Punjab MLAs have resigned from the Assembly and some had even quit the political party on whose ticket they were elected, but the Speaker is sitting on their resignations for weeks and months.

While the Karnataka Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar had to be nudged and prodded by the Supreme Court to get moving and either accept or reject the resignations, the Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana KP Singh is merrily postponing the decision even as resignations of five MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are now piled up on his desk.

In Karnataka, the political crisis arose when 15 MLAs had resigned over a short period of four days, and the resignations were clearly linked to efforts to pull the rug from beneath ...

Rahul Gandhi’s big favour to Congress but do the Congressis realise it?
13.07.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

The Grand Old Party of India, the Congress, is battling one of its worst crisis. The humiliating defeat of the party at the hands of Bharatiya Janata Party led by Narendra Modi in the recent Lok Sabha elections has further demoralised the party.

The singular good fallout of the defeat is the resignation of Rahul Gandhi as the president of the party. That’s the only good step he has taken in the recent past and has so far remained adamant on not taking it back. It is also good that he had taken the blame on himself for the defeat.
While several other factors had led to the victory of BJP, the singular factor that went against the Congress was its president as he proved no match to Modi. There was simply no credible alternative.

Indeed it has been over 15 years that Rahul Gandhi has been in active politics but he ...

Is it time to write off the left?
The moribund left
06.07.19 - Irfan Husain

PEOPLE who vote against their economic self-interest are a bit like sheep queuing up for a visit to the slaughterhouse.

And yet this is what is happening around the world: voters are electing right-wing, populist leaders who cut taxes on the rich, slash subsidies, and impose vicious cuts on social spending. Left-of-centre parties that push for the nationalisation of utilities, and greater spending on human resources, are forced on the defensive due to the perception that they are profligate with public finances.

In the UK, the ruling Conservative Party has continued to lead in the polls despite imposing savage cuts in social spending over the last decade. Labour has struggled to find support for its socialist agenda. Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is subjected to vile attacks by the right-wing press, and is widely viewed as unfit to rule. So despite the long-running Brexit crisis triggered by the Conservatives, and the government’s pro-business ...




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