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No one says this to Pardhanji. We have to.
30.07.17 - NISCHAY PAUL

DEFEAT IS EXPECTED to spur any political party into some introspection. At worst, a defeated political force enacts a charade of introspection. Bussing the dejected comrades to a hill station or a five star hotel for chintan-meetings used to be the gold standard. A more robust form of introspection would often witness challenges to the established leadership that did not deliver results. 

In Punjab, nothing like this happened with the Akali Dal. The party faced its worst defeat, trailing at number three. Its alliance partner, roaring around the country, remains as silent as a mouse in the bigger brother's shadow. Not one leader in the third rung of Akali Dal leadership posed any question to the top father-son duo. (There is no second rung leader in the Akali Dal.) And not for one day did the party behave like a force that got defeated at the hustings. 

For some inexplicable reason, the ...

Commander-in-chief Ram Nath Kovind, and humour
Of President, Veep & Facts
29.07.17 - KAMJAAT SINGH

ONE OF BJP's top mission statements could not have been more pithy: the party wanted to ensure a Congress-mukt Bharat. It has now ensured that the superstructure ruling in Lutyen's Delhi is completely Congress-mukt. 

Ram Nath Kovind is now the commander-in-chief of India's armed forces. M Venkaiah Naidu will be India's vice-president in a week's time, and will lord over the Rajya Sabha as well as the influential Rajya Sabha TV. 

The question as to what will change in India's politics with these appointments was answered loudly in the Central Hall of Parliament the day Kovind swore that he will protect the Constitution. Its spirit was violated within minutes, with the entire political establishment watching.

Do not be fooled by the pomp and show that precedes a new resident of Raisina Hill moving in. The 21-gun salute, the horse driven carriage, the stately walk, the braided men surrounding the gravely serious looking, the ...

Is it time for Punjab to enact a new law on social boycott?
Extrapolating the sin: "Roti-beti di saanjh na rakhi jaave"?
25.07.17 - Kamjaat Singh

What is the takeaway for Punjab, in general, and the Sikh community, in particular, from Pranab Mukherjee's last day in the Rashtrapati Niwas? Among the pieces of legislation Mukherjee inked in that house on the Raisina Hill was Maharashtra’s Protection of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016.
This is one piece of legislation that should force us in Punjab to have a re-look at the concept and construct of religion-backed social boycotts of entire sects, communities and believers.
One can understand the bitterness of the late 70s when the Akal Takht passed an edict, asking the Sikh community to socially boycott the Nirankari sect. Decades later, the rage that the devout felt at the alleged blasphemy committed by the Sirsa-based self-styled holy man can also be understood by anyone associated with any sect, community or religion.
Followers of Nurmehal-based Ashutosh remain socially boycotted, even as the man remains ...

BJP V/s SAFFRON: Modi rides a tiger, but some saffron cubs are running amok

EMBOLDENED BY Narendra Modi's silence and clear signals that the ruling dispensation in the country and in several BJP-run states is going to adopt a wink-wink approach to many Hindutva forces, some of the tiger's cubs are running amok.

If the BJP leadership thinks that it can ride the tiger and control it at all times, then the signs are not so good. Even the mother of all tigers, the RSS, is finding some of its offshoots going haywire and firing in all directions.

A still deeper and longer relationship with power – and, more importantly, with absolute power – is going to make these wayward children of the Sangh Parivar even stronger. But will one of these individuals or organisations someday emerge strong enough to look Nagpur in the eye and tell it to go, take a walk?
If the BJP leadership thinks that it can ride the tiger and control it ...




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