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The story of Pakistan’s unique leg spinner Yasir Shah
18.07.16 - Rehan Ulhaq

He was disgracefully banned from cricket for his actions at this ground almost six years ago. Six years later, he cleans up the last English batsman to seal Pakistan’s first win at Lords in 20 years – his name is Mohammad Amir. His captain, the man who stabilized this Pakistan team and turned it into world beaters, already has a hundred to his name in this match – his name is Misbah-ul-Haq.

But this day, this victory doesn’t belong to either of those two names, it belongs to a man unknown to much of the world until two years ago, a man who has his name on an honor’s board where Shane Warne doesn’t – his name is Yasir Shah and this is his story.

Yasir Shah made his first-class debut in 2002, and it took him nine years to be selected for international cricket. The start was hardly impressive, he was ...

The Killings in Kashmir

An appeal to the conscience of every Indian citizen - to tune down the shrill media noise for a bit, take a step back from the easy, packaged 'discourse' being dished out, and ask try and ask ourselves some uncomfortable but necessary questions. 
I am being asked by various persons in the media to comment on my apparently 'controversial' and 'shocking' claim that Burhan Wani's killing was extra-judicial' and must be probed. Let me begin with a few remarks about this issue. 
For most Kashmiris, it may not matter all that much whether or not Burhan Wani was killed in a 'fake' encounter or a 'genuine' one. What matters is that the Indian State killed him - just as it has killed and is killing so many other Kashmiri youngsters. Their grief, their rage, does not depend on the authenticity or otherwise of the encounter. They have no expectations of due process ...




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