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Can India do with just one poll?
29.06.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s declaration that his government would set up a committee to examine and give recommendations on one-nation-one-election proposal has led to a debate with Congress and some other major opposition parties opposing the proposal straight away. The issue needs to be debated and a consensus must be reached.

It is a proposal which, if implemented, would radically change the political system in the country and would require amendments to the constitution. The moot question is whether it is desirable for a country which prides itself for unity in diversity to go in for such a political system and whether the benefits would outweigh the losses to the democratic system of the country.
If the government at the Centre falls for whatever reasons and there is no alternative? Shall it lead to Presidential rule in the country till the next elections are held?
The idea by itself is not new. One ...

Punjab needs an Accountability Commission to stem systemic governance decay
26.06.19 - Bir Devinder Singh*

WITH THE institution of Lok Pal becoming defunct and the State Vigilance Bureau reduced to serve the political interests of the man at the helm, the entire accountability architecture in Punjab lies in a shambles. The daily news about vigilance sleuths catching petty officials pocketing a few hundred or thousand rupees seems like a burlesque theatre of sorts.  

Given the realities of the body polity in Punjab, talking about ‘Accountability’ seems asking for the moon, and one needs to remind the readers that this is where basic change in politics starts, unless we have made a permanent peace pact with eternal loose governance.

Any move aimed at resurrection and ending the systemic institutional decay would have to start with the idea of constituting an all powerful autonomous ‘State Accountability Commission’ for Punjab.

Such an institution can be set up under the State act, headed by none less than a retired Chief Justice of ...

In People Perception, When Gods Become Satans?
22.06.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

IT TOOK SEVEN days for the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee to do what she should have done on the first or second day of the incident in which a junior doctor was attacked by the relatives of a patient who died while being treated in a government hospital in Kolkata.

The adamant attitude of Mamata Banerjee, which is not peculiar only to this incident, caused pain and problems to lakhs of patients not only in her state but across the country following a  call given by the Indian Medical Association for a day-long strike. The situation was threatening to worsen but thankfully Mamata Banerjee was forced to give up her adamant stand and talk to the agitating doctors.

All she needed to have done was to visit the injured doctor and assured the medical community that she was concerned over the attack. Instead she went on a tangent and attempted ...

SPORTS & POLITICS: HAND IN GLOVE — MS Dhoni’s Olive Green Balidan Gloves and the Black Gloves of Smith & Carlos
12.06.19 - S Pal

INDIA'S STAR cricketer MS Dhoni found a smart short-cut to become the country's chest-thumping nationalist hero by displaying on his wicketkeeping glove the emblem of the army's Paratrooper regiment during the match.

Media cameras paid special attention to the "Balidaan" logo, every nationalist and dyed-in-saffron television anchor hailed Dhoni's fauj-prem and recalled that this cricketer is also an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the parachute regiment of the Territorial Army.

But the International Cricket Council (ICC) was not impressed, and told the BCCI to tell Dhoni to desist from such superlative fauj display on the cricket ground.  

All debates about the exact language of Rule x or subrule y apart, it needed only little common sense to surmise that on a future date, the Pakistani team might also start displaying emblems of the various formations of their country's army. Other countries too can then follow suit. Also, the displays will not remain limited to ...




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