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Panjab's Emergency: Formal and Informal

What is Emergency:

In India, Emergency or President's Rule refers to special provisions invoked by the central government by which citizen's rights are suspended when the state imposes direct control of the central government under Article 356 of Part 18 of the Indian constitution.
The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from the Congress invoked these special powers on June 25, 1975 and revoked them on March 21, 1977 to impose Emergency on India. In short, an Emergency means that the government is a dictatorship, will do what it wants, and is not accountable to the people. 


A cartoon by MNS chief Raj Thackeray 
These days once again there is great talk about Emergency. In part because the Bhartiya Janata Party, led by the incumbent Prime Minister, keeps raising the spectre of President’s Rule to convince people that Congress is draconian. This year even the on leave for health reasons Finance Minister jumped in to ...

What India owes Nehru

PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU would never have won a popularity contest in Pakistan quite simply because he did his best to oppose our country’s creation. But nowhere is he reviled more than in India’s current ruling circles and among those whose loyalty they command.

The accusations against Nehru are often breathtaking: that he was degenerate and dissolute; born in a brothel and eventually died of syphilis; impregnated a Catholic nun; claimed to be a Kashmiri Pandit but secretly ate onions; and from age 19 onwards would be drunk every day starting at 9 am. As with America’s alt-right which insists that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim, Hindutva activists allege that Nehru’s grandfather was Ghayas­-ud­din Ghazi, a Muslim kotwal serving the Mughal court.

If only anonymous internet nutters were making such attacks, they wouldn’t matter. But a concentrated attack by BJP-RSS sarsangchalaks is leading to the steady purge of Nehru from India’s history ...

Who pays for that English muffin? The Tribune and Narendra Modi now share a man in Kashmir
20.06.18 - kanwar manjit singh

SLOAN SABBITH, the financial journalist in Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom meets up with a corporate honcho at a sidewalk cafe for breakfast and pow-wow but insists on paying for her own muffin. Her reason? She reports on these corporates, and can't allow a billionaire to pay for her breakfast.

"Come on! All you had was a muffin," the billionaire protests. But Sloan Sabbith understands a conflict of interest when she sees one.

Olivia Munn's character of the very qualified economist with great legs explains the Glass-Steagall Act in a prime time television show, but it really takes far lesser intelligence to explain conflict of interest.

The Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-Ram Madhav trio has handed over Kashmir to Narinder Nath Vohra, a retired 1959 batch IAS officer of Punjab cadre. Presently, N N Vohra, as he is more popularly known, is the governor of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and also the President of ...

Non-BJP CMs Hold a Message for 2019 Polls
18.06.18 - VIPIN PUBBY*

THE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS in the wake of dharna by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his senior ministers inside the Delhi Raj Niwas, and the support lent by four non-BJP and non-Congress chief ministers, led to an unprecedented situation and is a significant turn on way to the next general elections.

While Kejriwal claimed that the IAS officers deputed to the Delhi government were on ‘strike’, the Lt Governor of Delhi as well as IAS officers association refuted the claim. Aam Aadmi Party Government is also demanding full statehood for Delhi. The stand-off paralysed the functioning of the state government and has raised questions on the functioning of the federal system.

The crisis had its genesis in the alleged roughing up of the chief secretary by supporters of AAP when he was called late in the evening for a meeting. The officers had lodged a protest and it may be possible that ...

RSS-Pranab meet: Time to bury old ghosts
13.06.18 - VIPIN PUBBY*

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sewak Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat, credited with inviting former President Pranab Mukherjee to the RSS headquarters at Nagpur, was wrong when he said the Sangh would remain Sangh and Mukherjee will remain what he is even after the event. Not only has the momentous event impacted the Sangh and the former president but hopefully the country’s political discourse for the better.

For the RSS to invite the former first citizen and dyed-in-the-wool Congress leader, who had spent decades in the party and had missed at least two chances of becoming prime minister by a whisker, was a remarkable initiative. For Mukherjee to accept and speak at the headquarters of an organisation which had been political anathema for him before he was elected the President, was a bold move. Even though he became ‘apolitical’ after entering the Rashtrapati Bhavan, he will always be known as one of the most prominent Congress ...

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