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The scatter of Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab has perhaps the longest disclaimer in the history of films. The disclaimer has a long apology and stays on the screen for the longest time. The disclaimer carries the Central Board of Film Certification’s injunction: ‘We endorse the government and police’s efforts on the war against drugs. The war cannot be won without the efforts of the whole nation.’ The disclaimer also establishes that all characters and incidents portrayed in the film are fictional and have no relation with reality and any similarities are merely incidental. After this, the whole film seems to try very hard to fit into this disclaimer. The first sequence in Pakistan, next to the border with India, has a Discus thrower among a three-member group of smugglers. He throws a 3 kilogram packet of cocaine across the barbed wire into India. The packet freezes on screen and the title of the movie fades ...

Let's All Become Political
20.06.16 - Nischay Pal

Punjab needs to become relevant. Every Punjabi wishes for that. "But are we not relevant already," one may ask. The simple answer is, we were. At one time, we were the food grain providers extra ordinary. And on top of that, we are a border state. As long as South Asia remained an unstable zone, we were very relevant.

Now, with agriculture in stagnation and many other states catching up and becoming food grain providers to the national grainary, Punjab is losing its prime relevance.

We are well on our way to become a super power, at least in the region we inhabit. With India and Pakistan no more hyphenated by the world, and certainly not by the United States, we can well forget a full scale war scenario in the near or even distant future.

So even that one aspect of life that made us seriously relevant is now fading away.

With just ...

Wake up or, someone will offer you a bit of water
20.06.16 - Kanwar Manjit Singh

We have always had the world, and we have always had the environment. We have had them every single day of our existence on this planet. So, then, why have a World Environment Day? Because we may not have the world, and the environment one day, if we do not pay attention now. Now! 

It has become a complex world, and our actions, or lack of them, are changing our world. The devastation is so vast that it needs all hands on the deck to stop it. We need a billion acts of green, a billion actions, to even stay where we are. It can start from changing our light bulbs or planting a tree, making substantial commitments, weatherizing our houses and signing petitions. We need the power of the collective to impress upon our governments everywhere to act, and act fast. The governments the world over should be talking to ...




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