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Will Modi walk the talk?
Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas.
29.05.19 - Vipin Pubby

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s speech to the newly elected Members of Parliament from National Democratic Alliance was flawless. His generous references to inclusiveness and extending a hand to minorities did surprise many. To the old slogan of Sabka sath, Sabka Vikas, he added  Sabka Vishwas.

Not only his own party members but even his trenchant critics must not be having Vishwas that it was Modi speaking in that tenor. If only he would have said these words before the elections, the doubts and fears of minorities and also his critics would have been given a ray of hope. But perhaps he and his party may have lost out some votes of the fringe groups who have been out to spread terror among the minorities, including religious minorities. On the other hand, he would have gained support from a section of minorities as well as his critics who had been accusing him ...

The Voters' Psychology
24.05.19 - Swarajbir

Note — As India is in the throes of the narrative about a Mazboot Neta/Mazboot Sarkar, here is a piece by Swarajbir, Punjab’s foremost playwright and poet, and also the editor of Punjabi Tribune, on the psychology that goes into the election of a leader like a Donald Trump or a Narendra Modi. This piece was originally published in Punjabi in the newspaper a day after the election results and has been translated by Punjab Today at its own initiative. — Editor

WHEN London Business School dons, Hemant Kakkar and Niro Sivanathan, came up with their 2017 research paper, "When the appeal of a dominant leader is greater than a prestige leader,” it made significant waves.

Intrigued by a very Punjabi-sounding surname Kakkar, I fired on a whim an email seeking access to the entire research paper and the deductions the authors had made thereof. It was based on a survey carried ...

Dark clouds over the constitutional institutions
23.05.19 - Vipin Pubby

IN AN AGE of information explosion and demand for transparency in the functioning of various institutions, the country is seeing an increasing trend where attempts are being made by these institutions to put a lid over their functioning. Of course governments always like to restrict information but now it is the institutions, which are supposed to be transparent in their functioning and expect others to be transparent, are themselves turning opaque.

The latest incident involves the functioning of the Election Commission of India. Its role and decisions in the recent past have been coming under a cloud of suspicion. It is the same Election Commission which at one time was feared by all shades of politicians and its decisions were not questioned by anyone.

During the just concluded general elections, some of the decisions appear to be biased. It  delayed taking action and ignored some of the obviously objectionable statements made by ...

What will be the outcome?
16.05.19 - Vipin Pubby

WITH THE OUTCOME of the general elections just a week away, and voting to be completed in just 59 seats, all eyes are on the performances of various parties and formation of the new government.

It has been a long and hard fought elections with political leaders putting in their best efforts. The seven phase elections spread over a month and a half has left the country guessing over the outcome. As a senior political analyst said, unlike previous elections, this one is the toughest to predict.

There is hardly any one who is willing to put down a figure for various parties and alliance partners. While there are differences over which party would emerge as the single largest party, there is unanimity on the point that it would be alliances which would decide the formation of the next government.

Certain significant aspects that stand out in these elections which had not been ...

Why is Modi getting so insecure?
09.05.19 - Vipin Pubby

EVEN AS WE are in the middle of the election campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, one aspect that stands out starkly is the issues that are being talked about to influence the voters.

None of the major political parties are focusing on the real issues which directly affect the common man. The poll rhetoric undoubtedly has touched the lowest possible levels and it is turning out to be the most bitter campaign ever since the independence of the country.

Perhaps it is because the stakes are too high in these elections but the kind of language being used is cheap and even vulgar. Can anyone imagine Atal Behari Vajpayee or Lal Krishan Advani or Manmohan Singh attacking political opponents with such harsh words?

But besides the choice of words, it is the issues being raised that are a cause of worry. Instead of talking of the developmental issues and successes of the ...

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