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Now, Judiciary must follow the rule of law and proper procedures
26.04.19 - Vipin Pubby

FOR THE SECOND TIME within a year, the highest court of the land has come under a cloud of controversy. Both the incidents have been unprecedented and have brought the functioning of one of the three pillars of democracy under a close lens.

The current Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi figures in both the controversies. Son of a former chief minister of Assam, Justice Gogoi had built up a formidable reputation for honesty and integrity and by deciding to participate in an unprecedented press conference last year by four senior judges against the then Chief Justice he had taken a major risk against his elevation as the next Chief Justice of India. Government had then done well to follow the precedent of appointing the senior most judge as the next chief.
The way the allegations were made and systematically leaked out are evidence that there was more to it rather than ...

Was Election Commission waiting for a reprimand from Supreme Court?
19.04.19 - Vipin Pubby

HAVING CLOSELY watched and covered elections for the last forty years I can safely say that the ensuing Lok Sabha elections are proving to be most bitter and have brought down the electioneering debate standards to a new low.

There have always been exceptions in the past and some of them were dealt with in accordance with the law but the malice has spread across the political parties this time. Top leaders of these parties appear to be themselves endorsing the trend and thus encouraging others to cross all limits.

Even the previous general elections in 2014, which the BJP had contested with great vigour and aggressive manner, had not witnessed the kind of abusive rhetoric. Perhaps because it was clear that the Narendra Modi led BJP was well on way to form the government and the other parties had more or less reconciled to the wave generated by Modi.

The absence of ...

Britain hasn’t, but have you apologised?
13.04.19 - S Pal

TO LIVE FOREVER in someone’s debt is to prolong the life of a good deed.
TO LIVE FOREVER with a sense of guilt is to prolong the life of an acknowledgement that a bad deed was indeed done, and that it must never ever happen again.
TO CARRY THE BEAST on your back, its arms dangling around your neck, is to reiterate that there was a time we had made friends with the beast within us, and now we have gained enough sense to admit that we shall no more be beastly.

Every time a German kid visits the Auschwitz museum, he looks the beast in the eye, and knows he must never allow it to overpower him.

An apology can have many meanings for different people, but the one most dangerous that it can hold for large sections of masses is that due solatium has ...

DANGAL 2019 – You can fight in Space, or you can fight on the ground
03.04.19 - S Pal

PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi went on national television to announce India now has the capability to shoot down an inimical spy satellite in space.

Indians are supposed to be ecstatic at this achievement, even though there has never been talk of anyone deploying a spy satellite to keep an eye on us. But the government wants you to believe that with this achievement, India has moved a step closer towards becoming great. 

We may not have been able to stop a lynch mob from killing an innocent Muslim, we may not have been able to convince a farmer that suicide is no solution, we may not have been able to tell our poor that they have the right to dream and the regime has a duty to help them realise it, but we now have a missile that will travel through the stratosphere and kill the enemy who is yet to ...




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