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23.04.18 - Dr. Pyara Lal Garg

TIME MOVES ON, uninterrupted, unaffected by the happenings around. Days, months and years pass by. Just as this 24th day of April, too, will become yesterday in 24 hours. It happens every year.  Why then is it so special this time for the common rural populace but remains a mere ritual for the powers that be? 

This is the day when the provisions of the mandate of the 73rd Constitutional amendment by way of insertion of new part IX to Article 243 and the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution of India , came into force in 1993 —the 43rd year of the Republic of India. 

At the time of enactment it was envisaged and drafted as a game changer in favour of the common man and as an instrument of extension of the institution of democracy to the grass root level, a second attempt after the right to vote by way of ...

RAPE CULTURE: Only a detailed diagnosis will help to treat the disease
21.04.18 - AGAYATIKA DEB

A FEMALE FRIEND, who has been practising as a gynecological surgeon for nearly 40 years in India and abroad has been following the recent revival of outrage against what has begun to be called the rape culture of India, asks, almost in despair: 

The news from India on incidents and statistics of rapes and gang rapes makes for truly horrifying reading… very somber, sad and upsetting, it touches the core of one's soul. How has the Indian Psyche descendent into such depths of depravity? 

I told her that I have been doing my best to analyze it, as have scores of psychologists, sociologists, journalists, social workers, policy makers, law makers, artists, writers, intellectuals and scholars as well as common citizens. 
The entire dynamics of political, economic, caste, communal and gender equations needs to be overhauled completely. Let our outrage turn into concrete action for reform.
As a common citizen, here are some factors that I ...

US computer scientists expose EVM manipulation techniques
The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine
21.04.18 - Mala Jay

ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES (EVMs) can indeed be rigged. Contrary to the Election Commission of India’s stonewalling and denials, new research and experiments by American computer scientists have established that electronic voting systems can be manipulated in a variety of ways.

Some of the new evidence has been published in a New York Times article ‘The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine’, which provides startling details backed by technical findings and expert interviews.

The intense research being conducted in America is due to domestic controversies about whether the 2016 presidential election was free and fair. However, the insights into EVM vulnerability are both relevant and timely for India.

Many political analysts are convinced that the outcome of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections would hinge not so much on the mood of the electorate but on whether polling is conducted through EVMs or the old system of paper ballots and manual counting of votes.

Although this ...

Role Reversal: BJP backs corrupt while Cong hits it on Hindutva
09.04.18 - VIPIN PUBBY

THE ENSUING ASSEMBLY elections in the Congress-ruled Karnataka are obviously critical for both the Congress and the BJP during the run up to the general elections but their desperation to win the elections, the two main rivals are taking extreme steps which have dangerous portents for the society and the nation.

While the Congress has sought to divide the society on religious grounds by raking up the issue of Lingayats and seeking minority status for the community, the BJP has gone ahead and announced its chief ministerial candidate who was earlier removed by it on charges of corruption and irregularities. Evidently the Congress is trying to torpedo the BJP agenda while the BJP is compromising with what it had been campaigning against.

Congress chief minister and the party’s chief ministerial candidate Siddaramaiah has, obviously with an eye on the election, recommended that the Lingayat community be declared a minority. It is undoubtedly ...

The Loot that Rajasthan Committed
04.04.18 -

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, Patiala MP Dharamvira Gandhi, Justice (retd) Ajit Singh Bains, senior journalist Sukhdev Singh, Prof. Raunki Ram, Prof. Malkiat Singh Saini, Prof. Bawa Singh, Dr Harinder Singh Zira, Sukhdarshan Natt, Harmit Kaur Brar, Gurpreet Kaur Gill, Dr. Jiwanjot Kaur, Manik Goyal, Hardip Sharma, Sukhwinder Kahlon, Sumit Bhullar, Satnam Singh and Dr Jagjit Cheema moved a petition at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, seeking a compensation of Rs 80,000 crore for Punjab in lieu of river waters the state gave to Rajasthan and other non-riparian states free of cost.

"In no judicial precedent, river water of the parent state has been given to other non-riparian or successor state without payment,” their lawyer Rajvinder Singh Bains argued.

Just a week earlier, Dr Dharamvira Gandhi was seen donning a T-shirt and sporting placards emblazoned with messages about protecting Punjab's water rights and federalism. 

The issue of Punjab's right over its waters ...




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