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Is India losing Kashmir?
28.04.17 - Soutik Biswas*

As India's most restive region stares down the abyss of what a commentator calls another "hot summer of violence", the doom-laden headline has returned with a vengeance: Is India losing Kashmir?

Last summer was one of the bloodiest in the Muslim-dominated valley in recent years. Following the killing of influential militant Burhan Wani by Indian forces last July, more than 100 civilians lost their lives in clashes during a four-month-long security lockdown in the valley.

It's not looking very promising this summer.

This month's parliamentary election in Srinagar was scarred by violence and a record-low turnout of voters. To add fuel to the fire, graphic social videos surfaced claiming to show abuses by security forces and young people who oppose Indian rule. A full-blown protest by students has now erupted on the streets; and, in a rare sight, even schoolgirls are throwing stones and hitting police vehicles.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, who leads an ...

'Amarinder must revisit his egotistical stance on Sajjan'
15.04.17 - Bir Devinder Singh*

I WOULD wish to plead with Capt. Amarinder Singh CM of Punjab that personal prejudices must be kept aside while addressing bigger issues concerning the community and the Nation. Canada enjoys very special status among the comity of Nations, which have made tremendous contribution to accommodate Punjabi Diasporas suitably and honorably as the host country.
Every single family of Punjab is connected with its family members, relations and friends settled in Canada or are in a process to settle in Canada. Canada being multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual country of Commonwealth has provided huge occupational opportunities to the Punjabi's in terms of business and gainful employment.
Therefore I would wish that Amarinder Singh as CM of Punjab should address this delicate issue differently in the larger interest of Punjab. The exalted positions occupied by Punjabi's and the Sikhs in the council of Minister led by Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister has ...

Holy Week and The Yogi Effect on the Christian Church
12.04.17 - observer with opinion

On 9th April, 2017 the Jewish Passover and the Christian Palm Sunday, a prayer service where over a thousand people including two foreign pastors were expected to join, had to be cancelled because a militant Hindu group complained that the meeting was likely to lead to conversion of people to Christianity.
Earlier, on April 7, a prayer meeting of 150 people 10 of them foreign nationals, was interrupted and devotees including foreigners were rounded up taken to the police station (and later released) because Yogi Adityanath 's Hindu Yuva Vahini complained that conversions were likely to be made in the Prague meeting. When the papers of the foreign nationals were found in order and it was established that no conversions were to be held, they were let off. One of them asked a serious question from the tourist guide: "Is this what normally happens in India- you go to church, and ...

Do not worry, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. Aisi Koyee Ghatna Huyee Hee Nahi, Kotha Sahib Theek Thaak Hai
07.04.17 - kanwar manjit singh

Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi,
IN ANY different circumstances, I would have addressed you as 'honourable' minister, but you just made some effort to lose that epithet. You actually stood up in Parliament and said that the Alwar lynching of Muslims did not happen? None of your party leaders, including ministers, took that line. It is not that they wanted a more credible person to say such a thing. They, my dear, wanted a ranking member of the tribe of people who impersonate as saviours of minorities to say something utterly inane. And you made the cut. Congratulations.

We in Punjab have known this tribe. In 1984, when the Indian Army tanks came trundling into the Golden Temple complex and Akal Takht, the supreme temporal seat of the Sikhs, was reduced to ruins, we had a top cleric, the then head priest of Golden ...

The Beginning Of The End (Part IV)
04.04.17 - observer with opinion


"That blessed mood
In which the burthen of the mystery
In which the heavy and the weary weight
Of all this unintelligible world
Is lightened....
While with an eye made quiet by the power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
We see into into the life of things"
(Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey,1798)

Strange fit of euphoria being over, lets get back to rational analysis.
How is the new dynamic in the Yogi-Modi-Shah-Ambani-Doval-BJP-RSS equations going to work out? What will it mean for the future of India and its relationship with the rest of the world?

It will depend on a few important factors, that could develop in various different ways. The only thing that is certain is that Modi has peaked, from now on it's going to be a downhill roll for him, though how fast or slow, is not clear yet and will depend on a lot of other how various coordinates unfold. Two of the most important factors ...

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