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Jacinda Ardern's New Zealand, Modi's India, We in Punjab
27.03.19 - S Pal

THE BRAVE NEW India of Narendra Modi was so pissed off with repeated acts of terror, carried out by elements in Pakistan or those backed by them, that when an Indian youth rammed a car-full of explosives into the CRPF caravan in Pulwama and killed 40 plus of uniformed men, it got the entire country very, very angry.

Such was the extent of this seething rage that some public figures even offered to tie explosives around their girth, turn themselves into border-crossing human bombs and storm into Pakistani cities and explode, if required.

The patriotic fervour saw crowds spilling into the streets, bashing up a Kashmiri here, a Muslim there. At the national level, the government claimed it got its armed forces to carry out air strikes deep into Pakistan and killed terrorists whose numbers were known only to certain people who were at liberty to announce these in rallies while armed ...

Why Sukhbir Badal, Sunil Jakhar must go to Dera Sirsa followers and seek their votes? Or they should be arrested.
21.03.19 - S Pal

#Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar has said his party will not seek votes of Dera Sirsa.

#Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal has said his party will not be seeking the support of Dera Sirsa.
IF WE HAD BEEN living in different times, somewhat better times, we would have been shocked at these statements. Now, these seem to be not just acceptable, but even appropriate. These seem normal. To many, these even seem politically correct.

No one has been arrested for uttering these. Sunil Jakhar is facing no imminent threat of being hauled up before a court of law, and Sukhbir Badal has, in fact, felt better after saying what he did.

But what's the problem with declaring that the political party will not seek the support of a dera that was clearly headed by a man who has been proven to be scum? Gurmit Ram Rahim is a convicted rapist, killer and ...

O Nanak! Our own seek to undo us

WHATEVER HAPPENS in India in the 2019 elections, an unlikely constituency - Khadoor Sahib - is slated to become the cynosure of Panjab. In Khadoor Sahib a democratic electoral process has pitted two radically different Sikh ideologies against each other.

The town Sultanpur Lodhi, associated with Guru Nanak, is located in the Khadoor Sahib constituency. In 1475 AD the elder sister of Guru Nanak, Bibi Nanki was married to Shri Jai Ram of Sultanpur Lodhi. In 1483 Guru’s father sent Guru Nanak to the custody of Shri Jai Ram. Guru Nanak was employed as the in-charge of the civil supplies store. In June 1488, Guru Nanak married Bibi Sulkhani and begot two sons Shri Chand and Lakmi Chand in this town. In those years and later Guru Nanak also spent 14 years, 9 months and 13 days meditating under a Jujube (Ber) tree next to the rivulet Kali Bein. In 1497 ...

It is precisely during a crisis that the truth should be told
09.03.19 - A. G. NOORANI

"WHAT is constantly said is that that you must not attack the government because it will endanger the country. There are times when the only safety of the country is attack upon the government, and it will be a grave dereliction of duty on the part of the members of this house if, being honestly convinced that it is necessary to challenge the issue, they take no steps to do it.” These words apply to Prime Minister Modi’s slander against the opposition.
When Stafford Cripps spoke thus in the House of Commons in 1940, his country was in mortal peril. Nazi Germany rained bombs on London. On much less, Kargil, we had two former foreign secretaries, and former senior bureaucrat K. Subrahmanyam, who later became head of the bogus Kargil Inquiry Committee, issue a joint statement in June 1999 pathetically pleading that it was essential for all to "suspend for the ...

Politicians, pl pause! Let the security forces do their job.
09.03.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

WHILE VARIOUS political parties had declared that the Indian Air Force attack on Jaish hideouts, and the subsequent air dual when Pakistani jets entered Indian territory, would not be politicised, it did not take much time for almost all these parties to do exactly the same.

While it is understandable that the general elections are within sight and political parties would be desperate to score brownie points, dragging in the armed forces into a controversy is the worst the political parties could have done. These parties must realise the damage they are doing to the morale of the forces. 

Blame must be shared by the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party as well as the opposition Congress together with their alliance partners. While prime minister has every right to back the strikes inside Pakistan and laud the courage and valour of armed forces personnel, his propensity to bring in politics by saying the Congress ...




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