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Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole: Fanaticism, Not Atheism, Is Irreligious
30.03.17 - by harcharan bains

Fanaticism and Superstition are the biggest enemies of Religion: In fact, these are Irreligious attitudes
The biggest enemy of religion is not atheism but fanaticism. Or, better still, fanaticism and superstition. Both have truly disfigured the face of religion and de-humanised its spirit.
And fanaticism and superstition have been marketed in the name of religion to exploit innocent masses. Both fanaticism and superstition are in fact the antithesis - the very opposite - of religion. Both have been used and exploited to the hilt by commercial opportunists posing as clergy or moral police.
What passes for religion in common language is just the opposite of religion. Those who hate religion must learn to distinguish it from communalism on the one hand and from dark superstition on the other.
What is communal is fundamentally irreligious. Religion sees one-ness in all Nature. Therefore, religion unites, and it unites not only man with man, but also man ...

Beacons No Red Flag For VIP Culture
28.03.17 - harcharan bains*

I am opposed to the importance being attached to red beacons atop official vehicles. This is nothing but tokenism. It makes no difference to the VIP mindset whether or not his vehicle carries a red light atop or not. One of the arguments advanced in favour of removing red beacons yesterday that it is a symbolic rejection of artificial distinctions between common people and the so called VIPs. Not convinced. 
Tomorrow, you might even insist policemen should be without uniforms and should dress up as common people do - because in the end even their dress becomes as a symbol of authority and a distinction between them and the common people. Its all about attitude. I can't imagine a London cop misbehaving with a layman regardless of how many beacons his official car that gives you a chase carries.
I have always thought that these so-called gestures of simplicity are nothing but ...

SIDDH GOSHTTH - Relevance In Today's World

Apropos the Nath Yogis of Gorakhpur, I believe one should re-read Guru Nanak's Theological debate with the 84 Siddhas.
It has become extremely relevant today as it helps us to understand how we have evolved as a sub- continental civilization, a pluralistic society and a modern democratic nation.
I think every citizen of India needs to read this 500 year old authentic recorded theological and moral debate to be found in 8 pages of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib starting at page 938 of the Granth Sahib and ending at page 946.
(The Google link is Siddh Goshtt Search Gurbani) 
(https://www.searchgurbani.com/baanis/sidh_gosht )
I have begun to understand it is not mere theology in a narrow sense-it has strong political social and historical implications
This debate of immense philosophical importance in the history of the world at large,  had an unbelievably transformative influence in the shaping of India and Indian thought in the past 500 years and ...

25.03.17 - By Harcharan Bains*

The latest Punjab Assembly election earlier this year was perhaps the most significant election since the formation of the Punjabi Suba, or post-reorganisation Punjab. Punjab went through a phase of extreme angst and pain for which the government and the opposition were both equally to blame as neither placed the interests of the state above their own.
The worst opportunism was seen in painting Punjab as the "drug capital of the world.” Those who did so are now the guardians of Punjab’s pride. In four weeks, Punjab will be declared drug free. Punjab will believe it, just as it had last month believed that it was the worst drug addict in the world.
But in the larger interests of the state, it is time to move on and away from petty blame game and alibis for failure and defeat. Both the government and the opposition – AAP and the SAD-BJP – must ...

YUG-YUGAANTAR (Tales of Times Past, Present and Future)
23.03.17 - Observer with an Opinion

NATH JOGIS in Punjab are most often seen wandering in the form of Snake Charmers. Baba Gorakhnath ( literally, the Holy Man incharge of Protecting Cows) the Patron Saint of the erstwhile Hindu Kingdom of Nepal, and the Gorkhas, is fabled to have kept dark rainclouds in the form of writhing snakes imprisoned under his thighs, thus preventing stopping their movement from the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayas and creating a drought leading to famine in Nepal, to teach the Nepalese a lesson when they failed to bring their annual justice offerings of fealty to his Matth in Gorakhpur. It was only when their King came down with gifts of untold gold and fed Baba Gorakhnath his favourite " khichadi" that the clouds were released and normalcy restored. So much for Climate Change in the Land of Yogis and Snake Charmers.
Baba Gorakhnath's Guru, Baba Matsyendranath, is known to have ...




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