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Why Punjab is opposing CAA and the NRC
30.12.19 - Rajeev Khanna

THE DISTRUST for the Centre is such in Punjab that a large section of Punjabis have been sporting stickers and even number plates in Gurmukhi on their vehicles. While this was to oppose the slogan of ‘one nation-one language’, the average Punjabi was vociferous in his opposition to the abrogation of Article 370 and bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories.

Who knows if the BJP one day will not trifurcate Punjab into Malwa, Majha and Doaba, they sneered. And although Punjab has a very small percentage of Muslims in the state, Punjabis and the Sikhs have been vocal in their opposition to amendments brought into the Citizenship Act, which exclude Muslims from neighbouring countries from Indian citizenship.

The olive branch and the several placatory moves made by the Centre have cut no ice till now. While the amendments ensure that Sikhs from Pakistan and Afghanistan would be eligible for ...

Hindus and Indians: Why this conflict?
27.12.19 - Harcharan Bains

FORGET ABOUT ALL Indians being Hindus, not even all Hindus are Indians.
There are over 3.3 million Hindus in Pakistan who are as loyal to their country as the Muslims there. They have have had Hindus as legislators, MPs, even federal ministers who are as vocal against India as the Muslim leaders in India like Owaisi are against Pakistan.

Incidentally, Asaduddin Owaisi has repeatedly told the Pak government and their media intellectuals to shut up on the issues of Indian Muslims, telling them that the Indian Muslims may have problems in India but they deem themselves far superior to the Pak Muslims in social and economic status. Owaisi never forgets to tell Pak establishment that they should mind their own business.
Owaisi is not the only Muslim who has differences with the Government of India but takes a firm stand on his patriotic credentials while addressing Pak allegations against India on ...

Arrogance of power has its limits
25.12.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

MOST YOUNG readers may not recall an infamous slogan coined by former Congress president Dev Kant Barua during the emergency when the then prime minister Indira Gandhi was at the peak of power. He had declared that "India is Indira and Indira is India”.

Indira Gandhi surrounded by Congressmen, Parliament House, in New Delhi in 1967.

A power drunk and over-confident Indira Gandhi, who has imposed the emergency in 1975, decided to lift it with the conviction that the people of the country would re-elect the Congress with a resounding victory under her leadership. The party was knocked out of power after the emergency was lifted in 1977. 

Although Jan Sangh, erstwhile avatar of Bharatiya Janata Party, was part of the Janata Party government which wrested power, the party appears to have forgotten the lessons from history. While it exercised some restraint during its first five years of rule, it has gone berserk ...

For all its failures, BJP has found a scapegoat in the Indian Muslims
18.12.19 - Markandey Katju

I regret to say this, but I must speak the truth: bad days are coming for the 200 million Indian Muslims (see my article ‘Wake up India, Dark Days Ahead!’)

Consider the facts:

1. About 80% of the Indian population is Hindu, and most Indian Hindus have become highly communal and polarized (i.e. anti Muslim), particularly after the BJP came to power in 2014. In their eyes, most Muslims are fanatics, anti national and terrorists. So when a Muslim is lynched by so called Gau-rakshaks (cow vigilantes) most Hindus are indifferent, and some even happy. One terrorist less.

Muslims are painted as seducers of Hindu girls (called love jihad).

In many schools, Hindu children tell their Muslim classmates that Muslims are terrorists and should go to Pakistan. They ask them whether their fathers manufacture bombs.
From my personal experience I can say that when I am with my Hindu relatives and friends, and they are ...

Who Are The Real Termites Eating Up India?
11.12.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

HOME MINISTER Amit Shah has called Bangladeshi immigrants ’deemak‘ or termites.
However, in my opinion it is the BJP which is the real deemak eating up the country by its policy of spreading communal hatred, polarizing society, oppressing and terrorizing minorities, suppressing democracy and neo-fascist behavior. 

The Constitution of India proclaims India to be a secular democracy, with the fundamental right of freedom of speech, equality, liberty, and the right to practice any religion, etc given to all.
But the ground reality today is very different. Ever since the present rulers have come to power in 2014 democratic freedoms and secularism have been thrown to the winds (see my article ‘Why celebrate Republic Day when the Constitution has become a scarecrow’ online).

India is a country of tremendous diversity, and so can remain united only if equal respect is given to all religions, communities and sects.
However, the brand of Hindutva being ...

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