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Welcome the Eventocracy, tracked by Comedia
31.12.16 - Ravish Kumar*

We live in an "eventocracy”. This is a new form of democracy where there is nothing greater than the event. Any policy announcement has so many events that people have begun to believe in the arrival of an avatar. They believe a divine voice is being heard from the skies.

The politician as policy announcer appears on a stage, like a divine being. The stage itself resembles calendar art, with heavenly rays shining behind a great soul’s head.

When the event becomes the norm of democracy, fact is replaced by fiction and implementation by intention — these become vital. In the era of demonetisation, intention has become divine, while implementation is merely human. Now is a good time to change the class ten essay topic. Instead of "honesty is the best policy”, "intention is better than implementation” and "fiction is better than fact” should be posed. These could elicit rather entertaining replies.

An ...

Nationalism with different variety

Sir Winston Churchill had sarcastically thanked Germany for partially attacking England and diverting its whole resources and arsenal in assaulting Russia as it was to the advantage of England.  He could visualize the collapse of Germany under Hitler as the Russian forces were not capable of tolerating the vicissitudes of the chilling Russian cold.
The visualized consequences of the multiple conflicts in the teeth of the second world war flowed form Churchill’s expression.
It is said that the thoughts flowed from Churchill’s cheroot or the cigar. One often quoted thought of Churchill was that the politics is the last recourse for the scoundrels. With certain alteration the new concept can be defined as the patriotism is the last recourse for the vested political interest.  It is the vested political interest which has developed the knack and flair of whipping up the pseudo nationalism or the ultra patriotism carrying the undertones of jingoism ...

Space for democracy is shrinking
19.12.16 - H K Dua

Strength and quality of a democratic polity in a large measure depends on the functioning of the constitutional institutions -Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary. Over the last 70 years since Independence these have declined in their effectiveness and prestige.

Parliament and state legislatures no longer enjoy the respect of the people who in the initial years of Independence used to look to them with awe and sometimes with reverence.  Unchecked, Influence of money, criminalisation of politics and demonstrative disregard of democratic norms and rules have led to internal decay of Parliament and State Assemblies.  The Executive is callous, distant from the people and indifferent to their problems. The people still look to the court as the last hope but overburdened with crores of cases and some shortcomings, it is unable to dispense justice to the people in time and at affordable cost.

While these major organs that run our hard-earned democracy ...

Crossing the federal line
16.12.16 - H K Dua

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is by no way a casual person. Hence, it would be a mistake to take his recent statements, suggesting a debate on simultaneous elections to Parliament and state assemblies, casually. His proposal could be part of a larger design to extend his party’s — or his personal sway — over the entire country. He could be pursuing the thought that simultaneous Parliament and assembly polls would be to the BJP’s advantage, ensconced as it is at the centre and in most northern and western states without depending on another party. Also, opposition parties are in disarray and unlikely to join hands against the government.

Interestingly, Narendra Modi did some thinking aloud on simultaneous polls at an all-party meeting chaired by the speaker, and later at the BJP’s national executive some months ago. He then raked up the theme again just a few days before demonetisation. It is ...

Making of a mammoth tragedy
11.12.16 - Manmohan Singh

The decision to demonetise will cause grievous injury to the honest Indian who earns wages in cash. The dishonest black money hoarder will get away with a mere rap on the knuckles.

It is said that "money is an idea that inspires confidence". At the stroke of the midnight hour, on November 9, 2016, the confidence of more than a billion Indians was destroyed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared that more than 85 per cent of the value of money held in notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 was worthless overnight. In one impetuous decision, the Prime Minister has shattered the faith and confidence that hundreds of millions of Indians had reposed in the Government of India to protect them and their money.

The Prime Minister in his address to the nation said, "there comes a time in the history of a country's development when a need is felt for a strong ...




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