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Tribune's Harish Khare shatters the editorial silence over Caravan reportage
25.11.17 - PT MEDIA CRITIC

Shattering the deafening silence in print and television media over the sensational story carried out by the Caravan magazine regarding the mysterious death of a CBI judge, The Tribune's editor-in-chief Harish Khare today treaded where many of the self-anointed brave men of letters had flinched from stepping.

In his weekly column, Kaffeeklatsch, Khare said the Caravan magazine had "very bravely published a very explosive story” that suggested "some kind of foul play” in the death of judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya, before whom the BJP president Amit Shah was an accused.

While saying that the magazine did not offer "any clinching proof to back up its story of some kind of hanky-panky business,” Khare conceded that the Caravan had indeed made out a case that the death occurred "under suspicious circumstances.”
Noting that most TV channels (with the singular exception of NDTV) "are ...

The danger of renaming a college
25.11.17 - Amandeep Sandhu

I guess we all know by now the real issue with the renaming of the Dyal Singh Majithia college in Delhi is not the name per se. It is the fact that the institution is now so low on resources, with such high number of students, that to distract attention, the right wing administration has pulled the renaming rabbit out of its hat.

Frankly, living the last 3.5 years under a right wing rule one knows not to expect anything better. All they do is rename policies, programs, institutions and fill them up with zombies who have no clue of what to do. When in difficulty - distract. Or they make stupid grand programs that fail miserably and then keep tweaking them causing more misery. They know no better.
Let us come back to the renaming of this college. One of the ways right wing succeeds is through revisionist histories. It seeks ...

The Loot that Rajasthan Committed – An insult bigger than Bollywood’s Padmawati!
21.11.17 -

Now that Padmawati has catapulted the issue of pride of all kinds and vast sections of Rajasthani people are up in arms to fight for their pride, may be they can save more of their pride by paying Rs 16 lakh crore, estimated by some Punjab MLAs, or Rs 80,000 crore to Punjab – the conservative cost estimate – for the waters that they have consumed. Anything less will make it either a theft or loot, and neither is very good for pride of Rajasthan.
Some opposition MLAs of Punjab have submitted a resolution to the Speaker of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, and also to Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, putting the figure at Rs 16 lakh crore. We present here a detailed narrative by waters disputes resolution expert Pritam Singh Kumedan.
If Rajasthan’s masters are as intelligent as they are proud, going by their protests against the film Padmawati, they should quickly ...




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