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Hurt & angry, we’ve tried rage, anger. Did we miss karuna?
30.10.18 - S Pal

ONE READING OF any account of the victims of 1984, and your blood will boil. One meeting with a group of widows of anti-Sikh massacres of 1984, and your blood will boil. One quick read of the first person accounts of the November 1984 riots narrated by many of India's leading civil society leaders before commission after inquiry commission and your blood will boil. One casual sitting through a movie like Amu and your blood will boil. 

You will be very angry with India's multi-tyre system, circa 1984.

That multi-tyre system was simple in its effectiveness. Take a lot of tyres, set them afire and put them around any Sikh you can grab. The tyres were in great supply, as was the kerosene. Trembling with fear, the Sikhs huddled inside their houses but those running the multi-tyre system had provided them meticulously-drafted voter lists, with the chosen ones clearly marked out. A ...

Amarinder Singh, the coup in the CBI & the ED case: Headline is missing, so please read it between the lines
24.10.18 - S Pal

YOU WILL NOT read this headline in any newspaper, but you are not stupid, either. It's not a piece of news that you cannot read between the lines. That's why most readers often know more about our leaders than the newspapers/news television tell them.

It is about Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh's view on the internal bloodshed within the CBI. It's not tomorrow's news today; it is yesterday's news today - unpublished. It is least likely to appear in a newspaper, and still, you are not going to miss it because by now, you know how to read stuff that does not make it to the headlines.

A war has broken out within the CBI. Offices were opened past midnight, the route from the residence of the interim director M. Nageshwar Rao to the headquarters of the CBI was sterilised, a police posse accompanied him to the office, orders were typed out ...

Questioning Bargari is a Civic Duty, Sanctioned by the Guru
19.10.18 - S Pal

THE PRIME PURPOSE of anyone even thinking of committing sacrilege of holy scriptures of any religion is to incite the devout. Such is the power of the blasphemy/sacrilege narrative that the devout get incited in accordance with the script.

None of this happens in a vacuum. Sacrilege does not happen randomly, a trait this form of criminality shares with riots. There is always a context, a situation, a window in which such feelings could be targeted towards a clearly identified entity.

Once that happens, logic takes leave. Sentiments, and the machine feeding those sentiments, rule. That sacrilege happened under the regime of Badals feeds the anger. That similar incidents happened during the Amarinder regime becomes an incidental factoid.

That Badals did not catch the culprits makes Badals the target. That Amarinder Singh's police could not catch the culprits also makes Badals the target. Do not question the logic.
Bargari can be much, much bigger ...

I saw MeToo in Sector 17, Chandigarh, & everyone missed it
11.10.18 - S Pal

WHILE THE MeToo movement in India must be welcomed, the fact remains that it is a movement of the elite. 

It must not be tarnished because it is an elite phenomenon so far; instead it should be celebrated and encouraged so that it hopefully expands, penetrates, sustains and reveals layers of our society that we have brushed under the carpet for far too long.

Almost every woman who has so far come forward and written an account of the horrific experience she went through at the hands of one or the other predatory man, has done so in the English language.

Almost all women are from India's metro towns. So far, the women have been from the service industry. Most have been from the world of media or entertainment.

Almost all these women rose in their respective professions, or, with the passing years, gained enough voice and maturity that put them in a position ...




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