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Kidnapping macabre apparently project the human face of ‘Patiala Police

The horrendous kidnapping of Six years old child Hartejbir Singh Bhutter s/o Jaspreet Singh Butter from Manjit Nagar locality of Patiala and his subsequent safe recovery from the brutal clutches of his insane abductor has established and brought to focus the operational capability of the Patiala police to handle the super sensitive case with utmost care and artfully restrained manner of veiled delicateness. 
Ever since the news of atrocious kidnapping of Hartejbir, was broken in the city, the entire city of Patiala and the surrounding areas were shell shocked. Everybody was praying for the wellness of Baby Hartejbir Singh. The unendurable agony the Butter family went through is certainly unfathomable. The police have shown tremendous alacrity and brilliant synergy in handling the entire operation, from the beginning to end. It certainly deserve unreserved applaud and appreciation.  Recovery of the kidnapped child without even a bruise and the arrest of all the ...

Achhe Din: Why a disabled person was assaulted in a cinema
26.10.16 - TEAM PT

A disability activist who uses a wheelchair was assaulted in India for not standing up to the national anthem being played in a cinema. The incident triggered outrage over what many say is the rise of aggressive nationalism in the country. Salil Chaturvedi, who has been using a wheelchair since 1984, recounts the incident that left him shaken.
As a wheelchair user in India, going to the cinema is not the easiest thing to do.

So my wife Monika and I, usually keep big screen cinema hall outings to the minimum.

Every once in three months, we summon up what it takes to make that journey. Some places are easy, some are hard, and needlessly so.

Anyway, that Sunday morning a few months ago we had a movie hall sojourn on our plans.


I was excited with the prospect of watching Kabali, the latest release of the superstar Rajnikant - I'd never seen a Rajnikant ...

Art gives no Space to Extremism
25.10.16 - Adv. Masood Peshimam

The hotheads in Pakistan have never tolerated the flourish of the talents in music, acting, literature or any other creative endeavour more so if it is close to liberal moorings.  The mighty hotheads in Pakistan have many a time roughed up the artists of their own country and there is no end to turmoil which sometimes lead to assault.  The fatal assault over the noted Pakistani Qawwal was a case in point.  The reason of the fatal assault was an outcome of the exasperation with the ideological deviation from the religious philosophy of the attackers though his father Gulam Farid Sabri a legend in the art of Qawwali for the number "Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Mohammad” had earned an enormous laurel captivating the hearts of the people.  Such crimes are in furtherance of the bigoted and extremist ideology bereft of any logic and rationale.  It’s a different matter if ...

No winners in India-Pakistan debate on press freedom
18.10.16 - Shivam Vij*

With Pakistan's Dawn newspaper standing by its story on differences between the civilian government and military over the country's security objectives, many in both the Indian and Pakistani media have cited the incident as proof that the Pakistani media has more spine than its Indian counterparts.

Around the same time, India's most liberal news channel, NDTV, dropped an interview of India's former Minister for Home Affairs, P Chidambaram, for reasons of "national security".

In a statement to online publication The Wire, the co-founder and chairman of NDTV Radhika Roy said, "Like all decisions we take at NDTV, we are driven by editorial and journalistic integrity and the belief that the political mud slinging regarding the surgical strikes without a shred of evidence was actually damaging to our national security."

Poor state

Pakistani journalists, too, have been suggesting they are braver, and are able to express dissent more freely than their Indian counterparts, who give ...




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