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Latest Imbroglio in Delhi: An AAP failure will be bad news for India's popular grassroot  movements
27.01.18 - VIPIN PUBBY

In 1985 a remarkable political development took place in Assam. Riding on the wave of huge public support, young leaders of All Assam Students Union formed a political party called Asom Gana Parishad and stormed to power in the state. It was the first such youth-led mass movement that led to formation of a government.

The new party ruled for five years but its consistently poor performance led to losing of popular mandate with Congress wresting power from it five years later. It got one more chance after an even worse performance by the Congress Government but it failed again, never to resurrect as a formidable challenger ever again.

The failure of the AGP set back popular political movements by three decades before Aam Aadmi Party was voted to power. Again it rose on the crest of popular support and provided an alternative to the established political parties.

MR CLEAN to PAKKE DHEETH: How Punjab’s Congress hurt Brand Rahul Gandhi?
19.01.18 - S Pal

IN 2002, JUST A FEW DAYS after Amarinder Singh was sworn in as Chief Minister of Punjab for the first time, an excise inspector walked into the office of the Punjab Public Service Commission on March 25 and paid its chairman, Ravi Sidhu, Rs 5 lakh as part of a bribe deal. Precisely at that moment, Vigilance Bureau officers barged in and the sting operation made headlines that catapulted Amarinder Singh into the league of corruption-busters.

Punjabis worldwide watched with voyeuristic pleasure the public spectacle of currency notes spilling out from bank lockers — every visual splashed on front pages was a certificate to Amarinder Singh. You could have sold t-shirts proclaiming Mr Clean, with a picture of Amarinder Singh on the front.

This week, Ravi Sidhu was convicted and sentenced to 7 years rigorous imprisonment in the corruption and loot case by a court in Mohali. Amarinder Singh did not issue ...

Govt, the biggest litigant, must end face off with judiciary for sake of justice
12.01.18 - VIPIN PUBBY*

The adage, justice delayed is justice denied is a justified axiom known since ages. Unfortunately the delay in delivering justice in India has been increasing year by year and the governments, both at the Centre and in the states, bear main responsibility for contributing to the crisis.

Governments are by far the biggest litigants with almost 70 per cent of the cases having ‘state’ as one of the parties in the case. While the ‘state’ automatically becomes a party in cases of crime and law and order, the tendency to file unnecessary appeals adds to the already heavy burden of the courts. It drags down other cases.

The indulgence among government advocates, including those under Solicitor General at the Centre and Advocate Generals in high courts, besides the public prosecutors in subordinate judiciary, is to pass on any responsibility by filing a review appeal. It is called "defensive litigation” where government advocates ...

As Nightmare Comes Calling, One Step Every Day
05.01.18 - Sanehead

IT IS HIGH TIME for Brahmanical Hinduism in India, which is increasingly taking the form of a destructive and suffocating Hindutva, to be openly and squarely confronted by the rest of India, and to be cornered into acknowledging, confessing, repenting and forever abandoning its sins of omission and commission against the vast majority of this nation, and completely stripped of its sanctimonious, self righteous sense of superiority and the innumerable unfair social, economic, religious and political privileges it enjoys.

The cunning and selfish entrenched Brahminical Establishment would rather see this country disintegrate and slip into civil war and destruction, than give up its evil and oppressive ways.

This is unacceptable and unviable in an informed democratic society.

We are being pushed back into becoming an uninformed or rather misinformed herd and undemocratic medieval polity, by hook or by crook, by the forces of Brahminism which have, by misleading an illiterate proletariat, managed to ...




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