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Game of Manifestos: Election is coming
31.01.17 - Mandeep Singh

These days, end of season sale is everywhere but one can find the promises of distributing more "free” items in the manifestos of the three major parties, released last week contesting in the coming Punjab elections. While on 4th February, people of Punjab will cast their votes, unequivocally, this time competition in Punjab is triangular i.e. between three major parties. The new bully in the town, AAP is a formidable force and definitely making Congress and Akali Dal clench their teeth in nervousness.
AAP’s manifesto focuses highly on the issue of drug menace in Punjab and several ways to curb it like providing government jobs to recovering addicts, de-addiction centers and life imprisonment for convicted drug dealers. But, the two major highlights of AAP’s manifesto which actually catch public’s attention are distribution of free laptops to children ahead of their board exams and establishing multiple canteens throughout the state which will ...

Why India's bull-taming protest may not be just about bulls
21.01.17 - Soutik Biswas*

India, wrote author VS Naipaul, is a country of a million little mutinies, reeling with rage and revolt.

One such is now brewing in southern Tamil Nadu state, where people have been protesting against a ban on a traditional bull-taming contest, known as jallikattu. They say the ban is an attack on their culture and identity.

Thousands of largely peaceful men and women - mostly students and workers - have been holding an unprecedented beachside protest in the capital, Chennai, since Tuesday. They have been sharing food and water, sleeping in the open, and cleaning up the beach in the morning. Until now, it has been a remarkable exhibition of responsible public dissent, largely free of invective and incendiary rhetoric, which usually mark protests like these.
Outside the capital, people have demonstrated at more than 150 places. There's no let up in the momentum as the local government struggles to resolve the crisis: ...

Guru Gobind Singh:
05.01.17 - Harcharan Bains

Seldom in the history of mankind has the ideal of a fusion between the temporal and the spiritual been achieved with such seamless ease as it does in the Sikh Gurus. Since the times of Guru Nanak Dev ji, one can see a remarkable emphasis on combining the spiritual pursuits with the need to wed these pursuits to the physical reality around the seeker of truth. In fact, the very rationale of Sikh philosophy springs from an opposition to the manner in which the spiritual aspect of life was sought to be divorced from one’s obligations to the compulsions of hard social reality. Thus, Guru Nanak Dev ji gave a call to mankind not cease the search for spiritual through wanderings in wild forests or deserts or faraway hills.

By the time, the sixth   Master, Guru Hargobind ji arrived on the spiritual and moral landscape of the country, India had ...




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