Punjab is Silent as India Wakes Up to Talk of Refugees, Migration, Issues of Citizenship
Refugee se refugee mile, kar kar chotte haath
30.07.18 - S PAL

 Indian national media’s top story finds no mention in Punjab newspapers, TV
PUNJAB IS A land of the refugees. Certainly, a large number of refugees. Partition meant that millions were displaced, and forced to trudge their way into the Indian Punjab, Delhi, Jammu, parts of Rajasthan and elsewhere. Often they landed wherever they thought their relatives would help them, or wherever trains took them, or army trucks dumped them.

On the morning of Monday, July 30th, millions of people in India found themselves in a similar situation. Fear and the spectre of doom loomed over the lives of lakhs of people who have only known India as their home, and as the clock ticked and the Registrar General of India announced that names of around 40 lakh people were not in final draft of the dreaded National Register of Citizens, Punjabis were perhaps the only people in India who should have been ...

When those who report elections go to the polls!
24.03.18 - PT BUREAU

JOURNALISTS IN THE city of Chandigarh, home to the governments of Punjab and Haryana as well as the Chandigarh Union Territory, have been in the throes of an exciting, adrenalin-pumping, competitive and no-holds-barred joust — the elections to the Chandigarh Press Club.

It is a travesty of our times that members of a community which reports on every aspect of life, from the extremely significant to the utterly trivial, haven’t considered it worth their while to report on themselves.

The elections to the Chandigarh Press Club, an annual affair, present an abridged version of Raag Darbari, possibly with an extended cast. 

These could have been an example to our politicians, or trade unionists, or bodies of teachers, doctors, nurses, secretariat employees and innumerable other organisations, about how to wage a fair fight, present your view point, canvass, blow holes into the opposition's arguments and carry the day with logic, an appeal to good ...

World Press Freedom Day 2017: From death threats to bans to beheading, how free is press?
03.05.17 - Chanchal Chauhan*

From death threats to bans, from censorship to beheading by the terror groups such as ISIS, journalists all over the world have been through and go through a lot, each day. With all the news of curbing press’ right to know, to say it out loud and to pass it on to the general public, the question every year we all face is how free is the press if every day we know there are attacks happening on them while they exercised their profession?

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed unwavering support to the freedom of media, saying it is essential in democracy. "World Press Freedom Day is a day to reiterate our unwavering support towards a free & vibrant press, which is vital in a democracy. In today’s day & age, social media has emerged as an active medium of engagement & has ...

Welcome the Eventocracy, tracked by Comedia
31.12.16 - Ravish Kumar*

We live in an "eventocracy”. This is a new form of democracy where there is nothing greater than the event. Any policy announcement has so many events that people have begun to believe in the arrival of an avatar. They believe a divine voice is being heard from the skies.

The politician as policy announcer appears on a stage, like a divine being. The stage itself resembles calendar art, with heavenly rays shining behind a great soul’s head.

When the event becomes the norm of democracy, fact is replaced by fiction and implementation by intention — these become vital. In the era of demonetisation, intention has become divine, while implementation is merely human. Now is a good time to change the class ten essay topic. Instead of "honesty is the best policy”, "intention is better than implementation” and "fiction is better than fact” should be posed. These could elicit rather entertaining replies.

An ...

Arnab Goswami: Best-selling Item Number & Dada Kondke of Indian Journalism
04.11.16 - Harcharan Bains

Intelligent man that you are, Mr Goswami, I only hope that at least you know that what you are doing here in the given 20 minutes is no different from what you do on your channel: delivering a soliloquy of lies. But here, there is this justification that it is officially a soliloquy and there is no pretense of any participation by "guests" who are never allowed to speak on your programs. Anyway, except to say "We agree with you Arnab."

The other lie which you as an intelligent man would know you are telling is that media was unprofessional and spineless before you stormed the scene with your high decibel soliloquies. The only thing that it was not and has become now to some extent (thanks to your presence) is brazenly abusive and derogatory without being any more courageous and committed than before. There was a time when we thought ...




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