He walked into a newspaper office and shot dead five journalists; So you should now shout a question to Modi
01.07.18 - S Pal

"Media bik chukka hai.” From Donald Trump’s fake media narrative to the discourse in India that sweeps aside all discerning faculties and tells people that they are being served by "godi media,” the game in town is media bashing. It’s one intersection where even two unlikely characters embrace each other — Trump and news anchor Ravish Kumar, that messiah of all that is truthful.

"Ab ek hee patarkaar bacha hai jee,” enthusiastic readers sometimes proclaim with a sigh, a few of them journalists themselves.

It’s not clear if Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, would have translated the Hindi phrase "godi media” as lapdog hacks or embedded journalists, but he certainly couldn’t have been convinced to abort his nefarious Thursday plan by such a narrative. He couldn’t be bothered with writing letters to the editor, or staging a protest sit-in in front of the newspaper he did ...

Amarinder called it a
20.06.17 - S P SINGH

Whatever happened to that thing called journalism?
Farmers and agricultural labourers, even in a substantially agrarian state like Punjab, can be short-changed pretty easily by a bunch of spinmeisters, a cohort of lazy journalists, and, one is afraid, editors seemingly asleep on the job.

So, a farm loan waiver so partial in nature that it does not even cover the outstanding loans of those small farmers who committed suicide, becomes a "TOTAL WAIVER", in all caps because that is how the press release issued by the CMO was headlined.

All details and nuances, or most, go missing or are given a go by in media houses, including newspaper offices which are considered more sombre than soundbyte crazy television newsrooms.

As a result, not one newspaper mentioned that the entire category of agricultural labourers has been completely left out, and their loan, even if it was a measly Rs 10,000, will not be waived off, ...

The Tribune celebrates arrest of journalist, Indian Express blasts EC for it
14.02.17 - By PT Media Pundit

*Wah, wah, Election Commission jee, aap ne kamaal kar ditti - says The Tribune
*Sharm karo, koyee akal di gal karo - says The Indian Express

FORGET OPINION POLLS. Here are opinion piece writers arraigned against each other over an exit poll controversy.

Editorial opinion reflected a Split Wide Open today with The Tribune hailing the Election Commission for arresting an editor of Dainik Jagran for publishing "exit polls" related to the first phase of polling, and The Indian Express blasting the EC for the same. 
At least one approach reflects a pedestrian understanding of what happened, and tends to be shamelessly preachy. Nuance with this particular newspaper does not really carry much currency, and if you don't believe, the editor thinks he only has to offer you a weekly coffee for you to become a fan.
Telling the media to "Hold the Line," The Tribune said, "Media enjoys no immunity."
The Indian Express, on the ...




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