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Attacks on Kashmiri students is a crime against humanity
23.02.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

The senseless attack on security forces in Pulwama, which claimed the precious lives of over 40 security personnel, has put the focus back on the Kashmir issue and the involvement of Pakistan and terrorist organisations operating from that country.

The timing of the unfortunate attack is such that all other issues which were being raised during the run up to the ensuing general elections, like the problem of unemployment, demonetisation, roll out of GST and communalism, have taken a back seat.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has declared that the Army has been given the go ahead for an appropriate response which indicates that some major action is expected to be taken across the international border. His counterpart Imran Khan has threatened that Pakistan would retaliate.

Although all the major political parties have declared that they would not indulge in politics over the issue, the fact is that’s what is being done. It may ...

Is India losing Kashmir?
28.04.17 - Soutik Biswas*

As India's most restive region stares down the abyss of what a commentator calls another "hot summer of violence", the doom-laden headline has returned with a vengeance: Is India losing Kashmir?

Last summer was one of the bloodiest in the Muslim-dominated valley in recent years. Following the killing of influential militant Burhan Wani by Indian forces last July, more than 100 civilians lost their lives in clashes during a four-month-long security lockdown in the valley.

It's not looking very promising this summer.

This month's parliamentary election in Srinagar was scarred by violence and a record-low turnout of voters. To add fuel to the fire, graphic social videos surfaced claiming to show abuses by security forces and young people who oppose Indian rule. A full-blown protest by students has now erupted on the streets; and, in a rare sight, even schoolgirls are throwing stones and hitting police vehicles.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, who leads an ...

The Killings in Kashmir

An appeal to the conscience of every Indian citizen - to tune down the shrill media noise for a bit, take a step back from the easy, packaged 'discourse' being dished out, and ask try and ask ourselves some uncomfortable but necessary questions. 
I am being asked by various persons in the media to comment on my apparently 'controversial' and 'shocking' claim that Burhan Wani's killing was extra-judicial' and must be probed. Let me begin with a few remarks about this issue. 
For most Kashmiris, it may not matter all that much whether or not Burhan Wani was killed in a 'fake' encounter or a 'genuine' one. What matters is that the Indian State killed him - just as it has killed and is killing so many other Kashmiri youngsters. Their grief, their rage, does not depend on the authenticity or otherwise of the encounter. They have no expectations of due process ...




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