The bigger the lie, the more easily the public will swallow it
27.04.20 - Markandey Katju

It was a dictum of Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr Goebbels that the bigger the lie, the more easily and readily will the gullible public swallow it. In fact Goebbels had learnt this from Adolf Hitler, who wrote in his autobiography Mein Kampf that a lie to be accepted should be so big that no one would believe that anyone would have the impudence to say such a thing if it was not true, and if this lie were repeated again and again one day the people will inevitably accept it as the gospel truth.

A large section of the  Indian authorities and our mostly shameless and sold out Indian media are loyal disciples of Goebbels, whose dictum they dutifully follow. Consider the following :

(1) The members of Tablighi Jamaat Markaz of Delhi have been castigated by many TV channels as 'super spreaders' of corona virus, 'corona bombs', 'corona jihadis', etc and ...

PM speaks against communalism but too late and too little
हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं .....
22.04.20 - VIPIN PUBBY

PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi at last came out with a message on social site Twitter on Sunday to state that "COVID-19 does not see race, religion, colour, caste, creed, language or borders before striking. Our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to unity and brotherhood. We are in this together”.
The prime minister needs to be complimented for affirming that the coronavirus pandemic does not discriminate among anyone. Indeed that’s what the world has seen so far.
It has afflicted high and mighty like the British prime minister Boris Johnson who fortunately has survived, to the superstars and Covid fighters like doctors besides the ordinary ...

Treating migrants with compassion is the least the government can do
19.04.20 - VIPIN PUBBY

There are some visuals from the post-Independent India which would forever remained etched in our collective conscious and would cause all sane persons to hang their heads in shame.

The first such images were the trudging of millions of people, including women, children and the infirm, across the newly created border between India and Pakistan carrying whatever belongings they could salvage and the gruesome violence that left thousands dead. Then there were visuals of victims of Bhopal gas leak tragedy, massacre of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere, violence in the wake of demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and brutal attack on Muslims in Gujarat after a railway compartment at Godhra was put on fire which led to the death of Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya.

The latest visuals for which we must hang our heads as a nation are those of thousands of poor migrants, including women, children and the ...

Redesigning Delhi: The folly and vanity of the Central Vista project
What HT Wouldn't Dare To Publish
19.04.20 - Ramachandra Guha

In a two-part article published last month in the website Newslaundry, the writer Alpana Kishore subjected the project to redesign New Delhi’s Central Vista to critical scrutiny. The first part asked the question: "Why is redeveloping Central Vista a bigger priority than fixing the capital’s catastrophic air pollution or plummeting life expectancy?”

In answering this question, Kishore focused on one key element in the project: the provision for a grand new house for the prime minister, on Rajpath. Such self-indulgence, she argued, may be common in dictatorships, but was inappropriate for a Republic. If one thinks of Delhi as akin to London or Berlin, a capital of a democracy, then, argues Kishore, spending hundreds of crores "on a second house for the prime minister ahead of fixing Delhi’s pressing problems like its catastrophic air pollution which causes 80 deaths per day and 45 percent of all premature deaths is a spectacularly ...

The fault lies with human greed, not the innocent timepiece
18.04.20 - Irfan Husain

Clearly, some malign agency is hard at work to erase our humanity, and turn us into automatons that follow orders. Gradually, our individuality has been hollowed out, and we have become enslaved to forces beyond our ken.

From the dawn of civilisation, the process of enslavement has proceeded without let-up. First, it was the formation of tribes that dictated our place in the hierarchy. These groups assembled to make hunting easier, and then to defend their prey from other tribes. The next step was the emergence of hunter-gatherers who occupied and held territory to use for grazing animals and growing edible crops.

The nation was mankind’s next evolutionary step. Here, standing armies were formed to defend territory against enemies, and when the opportunity or provocation warranted it, to attack and seize a neighbour’s land, gold and women. In all these farming, hunting and soldiering enterprises, individuals had their own roles to play, ...

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