Cheetah is now 'running for its very survival'
24.09.16 - David Shukman*

Pitiful scenes of cheetah cubs lying emaciated and bewildered highlight one of the cruellest but least-publicised examples of illegal wildlife trafficking.

Baby cheetahs are so prized as exotic pets that entire litters are seized from their mothers when they may only be four to six weeks old.

Each tiny animal can fetch as much as $10,000 on the black market and end up being paraded on social media by wealthy buyers in Gulf states.

But the trade exacts a terrible toll on a species that claims a superlative status as the fastest land animal on the planet but which now faces a serious threat to its survival.

According to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, some 1,200 cheetah cubs are known to have been trafficked out of Africa over the past 10 years but a shocking 85% of them died during the journey.

Dr Laurie Marker, the trust's director, describes the horrific conditions involved in shipping the ...

Wake up or, someone will offer you a bit of water
20.06.16 - Kanwar Manjit Singh

We have always had the world, and we have always had the environment. We have had them every single day of our existence on this planet. So, then, why have a World Environment Day? Because we may not have the world, and the environment one day, if we do not pay attention now. Now! 

It has become a complex world, and our actions, or lack of them, are changing our world. The devastation is so vast that it needs all hands on the deck to stop it. We need a billion acts of green, a billion actions, to even stay where we are. It can start from changing our light bulbs or planting a tree, making substantial commitments, weatherizing our houses and signing petitions. We need the power of the collective to impress upon our governments everywhere to act, and act fast. The governments the world over should be talking to ...

Ek Baat Bataaein, Lordship Swatantra Kumar, Head of NGT ji,
10.03.16 - preet k s bedi

Your appetite for humiliation is a private matter between you and your mirror. It concerns us only because you hold a public position and no matter how vacuous your judgements may be, we have to show respect to you.
You passed an order against the Art of Living which in simple English acknowledges they have taken no permissions, they are breaking every rule and they will destroy the environment. And then ends up saying all is forgotten, yaar, go ahead and have a ball. Thank god the lady with the scales and a band over her eyes is only a stone structure. Had she been real the band around her eyes would be moist.
You asked them to pay 5 cr. Within three hours Sri Sri cocked his snook at you and said jo karna hai kar le, I wont pay. Wonder how as a judge you can accept that. Sir aapki ...




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