The selectively suicidal state of the Indian union
NEET Controversy
01.09.17 - SANEHEAD

How many more Rohit Vemula's and S Anitha's will have to die before this country's conscience wakes up ?

We need more of S Anitha's ilk, many many more, so that the poor on India's rural and urban areas can have access to decent medical care, and the doctor to patient ratio in the country can reach anywhere close to WHO standards.

It is only when large numbers of doctors are produced by India, who come from poor deprived marginalised backgrounds that there is any chance that the poor deprived and marginalised will have any chance of getting proper empathetic and compassionate healthcare.

When the so called meritocracy of the small fraction of upper castes get into prized medical colleges with or without "donation" which poor students like S Anitha, the motherless daughter of a labourer, can not afford - nor could she afford expensive NEET coaching- what do they do?

They get their ...




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