Political economy of extension in age of retirement
13.09.17 - Dr. Pyara Lal Garg

THE TOTAL EXPECTED Revenue receipts of Punjab Government for the year 2017-18 as per Budget estimates are to the tune of Rs. 60,080 crore, while the estimated expenditure is Rs. 74,864 Crore. Revenue deficit is pegged at Rs. 14784 Crore which is 3.18% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the year. In this total expenditure, Rs. 30979 crore (51.56%) that is more than half is to be incurred on salaries and pensions alone. Salary component being 20,832 crore and that for pension Rs. 10,147 crore.
Another addition is the interest payments on the loans raised; the same turns out to be Rs. 14,149 crore. After taking into account these three items the remaining amount for all other chores is Rs. 14,952 crore. These figures speak of the tragedy of the economy of Punjab, in it are hidden the secrets of the suicides of farmers and farm labour, the secrets ...

KEY CONCERN: Do not let the heat reach Modi
11.06.17 - nischay paul

DEVENDRA Fadnavis is battling a crisis. In his state, milk tankers and vegetable-laden trucks are moving under police escort. Shivraj Chauhan, when he is not in a yoga pose, is being singed by the farmers' protests and the fallout of the killing of farmers in police firing.
The Maharashtra Chief Minister is talking of a "never seen before" Rs30,500 crore ($4.7 billion) debt waiver to write off the loans of 3.2 million farmers. Shivraj Chauhan is reminding everyone not yet killed in firing that his state saw an average agriculture growth of 9.7 percent over the last 10 years, and in the last five years, it grew at 14.2 percent. 

In Uttar Pradesh, farmer protests are not dying down despite Yogi Adityanath's move to waive off Rs36,359 crore worth of debt of 94 lakh small, marginal farmers.
In Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar is gearing up to deal with the upcoming farmers' agitation. 

Given these ...




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