The mindsets of Kashmiri Pandits

A few days back I had written an article 'An appeal to my Kashmiri brothers and sisters' which was published online. In this article I mentioned that the restrictions in Kashmir for over 60 days after abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution on 5th August has made the lives of Kashmiris in the valley (and also those living outside trying to contact their relatives in the valley) miserable.
I said that Internet and mobiles are not luxuries but necessities today, and being deprived of them for even one day, what to say of 60 days (along with curfews and other restrictions), would make one's life hellish. 

I therefore appealed to Kashmiris to do the following:

(1) wear a black wristband on the left wrist as a token of protest against these oppressive restrictions

(2) boycott the Governor Satyapal Malik, whom I called a modern Nero and a caporegime in Srinagar (his Don and ...

Dump the infiltrators into the sea

Ever since the NRC (National Register of Citizens) was started in Assam, all states suddenly seem to be vying for it. Whether it is West Bengal, Haryana, Delhi, Karnataka, UP–everyone is rushing and making a beeline and mad scramble for it.

I too am in favor of NRC, and would like all ‘ghuspaithias’ (infiltrators) to be thrown out of the country, like ‘deemak’ or termites (as the Honble Home Minister has described them).

However, if Amit Shahji permits me a slight modification, I would like to apply NRC to 92-94% of the people living in India today, and have them all thrown out, like termites.

As I have explained in my article ‘What is India’ (see online), India is broadly a country of immigrants, like North America. Between 92 to 94% of people living in India today are not descendants of the original inhabitants of India but of immigrants, in other words, ‘ghuspaithias’ ...

The Storm Ahead

"Hai maujazan ek kulzum-e-khoon, kaash yahi ho
Aata hai abhi dekhiye, kya kya merey aage"
(A turbulent sea of blood is before me
But see what is coming ahead)
                            - Mirza Ghalib
I am in the evening of my life (I just crossed 73), and my remaining years will be spent on educating the Indian people (including the NRIs of America, where I am living presently, who though very good in their technical jobs, are simpletons and gullible fools in other respects).

The crux of what I teach is this: in this world there are really two worlds;

First, the world of the developed, highly industrialised countries, i.e. North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and China.

Second, the world of the underdeveloped countries, including India (which is perhaps the most developed of the underdeveloped countries).

Our national aim must be to transform India from the second ...

India's Vietnam syndrome

A time comes to speak the truth, and I suppose that time has come and it is I who will have to bell the cat. So here it is:

Kashmir will soon become what Vietnam was for the French and the Americans, Afghanistan for the Russians, and Spain for Napoleon.

Those who are today gloating over their 'great victory' by abolition of Article 370, will soon wake up to a nightmare when body bags start coming back in large numbers from Kashmir, as it happened in the Vietnam war.

Internet and mobiles are today a necessity, not a luxury. Depriving a person of these for even one day can make one miserable, so one can imagine the plight of people going without them for almost two months. Added to this are the curfews and other restrictions.

Remove the restrictions, and popular protests will engulf the whole valley. Continue them, and the pot will boil ...

Wake up India, Dark Days Ahead!

SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED in India which reminds me of what happened in Germany during the Nazi era.

After Hitler took power in January 1933 almost the whole of Germany went mad, people shouting ‘ Heil Hitler‘,  ‘Sieg Heil ‘, ‘Juden Verecke‘, and adoring that madman like hypnotised zombies. One can see it all on YouTube.

Germans are such highly cultured people, who produced great scientists like Max Planck and Einstein, great writers like Goethe and Schiller, great poets like Heine, great musicians like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, great reformers like Martin Luther, great philosophers like Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel and Marx, great mathematicians like Leibnitz, Gauss and Riemann, and great statesmen like Frederick the Great and Bismarck. I found every German I met to be a fine person.

Nevertheless, when Hitler came on the scene and said Germans were Herrenvolk (master race) and Jews were responsible for all their ills, they stupidly swallowed this ...

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