The Loot that Rajasthan Committed
04.04.18 -

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, Patiala MP Dharamvira Gandhi, Justice (retd) Ajit Singh Bains, senior journalist Sukhdev Singh, Prof. Raunki Ram, Prof. Malkiat Singh Saini, Prof. Bawa Singh, Dr Harinder Singh Zira, Sukhdarshan Natt, Harmit Kaur Brar, Gurpreet Kaur Gill, Dr. Jiwanjot Kaur, Manik Goyal, Hardip Sharma, Sukhwinder Kahlon, Sumit Bhullar, Satnam Singh and Dr Jagjit Cheema moved a petition at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, seeking a compensation of Rs 80,000 crore for Punjab in lieu of river waters the state gave to Rajasthan and other non-riparian states free of cost.

"In no judicial precedent, river water of the parent state has been given to other non-riparian or successor state without payment,” their lawyer Rajvinder Singh Bains argued.

Just a week earlier, Dr Dharamvira Gandhi was seen donning a T-shirt and sporting placards emblazoned with messages about protecting Punjab's water rights and federalism. 

The issue of Punjab's right over its waters ...

Rise above personal vindication, Mr Suresh Kumar. For Punjab.
11.02.18 - kanwar manjit singh

MUCH OF PUNJAB's political discourse in the past few weeks revolved around the fate of one retired bureaucrat whose appointment was quashed by the high court. 

Will he come back to his post or not, is a question Punjab's politicians, media, legal luminaries and political pundits have been debating ad nauseam.

The entire discourse underlines two clear aspects, one a rather obvious one and the other a little deductive:

1. There is a poverty of administrative acumen in Punjab, and so severe is this malaise that the entire smooth functioning of the state government could depend upon the availability of one bureaucrat.

2. There are still bureaucrats in Punjab who are committed to running the administration in a smooth way, give the job their all, refuse to join the gravy train, and stay away from cheap sycophants and unscrupulous elements. Naturally, a stage may come where such a person, pushed to the wall, prefers ...

MR CLEAN to PAKKE DHEETH: How Punjab’s Congress hurt Brand Rahul Gandhi?
19.01.18 - S Pal

IN 2002, JUST A FEW DAYS after Amarinder Singh was sworn in as Chief Minister of Punjab for the first time, an excise inspector walked into the office of the Punjab Public Service Commission on March 25 and paid its chairman, Ravi Sidhu, Rs 5 lakh as part of a bribe deal. Precisely at that moment, Vigilance Bureau officers barged in and the sting operation made headlines that catapulted Amarinder Singh into the league of corruption-busters.

Punjabis worldwide watched with voyeuristic pleasure the public spectacle of currency notes spilling out from bank lockers — every visual splashed on front pages was a certificate to Amarinder Singh. You could have sold t-shirts proclaiming Mr Clean, with a picture of Amarinder Singh on the front.

This week, Ravi Sidhu was convicted and sentenced to 7 years rigorous imprisonment in the corruption and loot case by a court in Mohali. Amarinder Singh did not issue ...

As Nightmare Comes Calling, One Step Every Day
05.01.18 - Sanehead

IT IS HIGH TIME for Brahmanical Hinduism in India, which is increasingly taking the form of a destructive and suffocating Hindutva, to be openly and squarely confronted by the rest of India, and to be cornered into acknowledging, confessing, repenting and forever abandoning its sins of omission and commission against the vast majority of this nation, and completely stripped of its sanctimonious, self righteous sense of superiority and the innumerable unfair social, economic, religious and political privileges it enjoys.

The cunning and selfish entrenched Brahminical Establishment would rather see this country disintegrate and slip into civil war and destruction, than give up its evil and oppressive ways.

This is unacceptable and unviable in an informed democratic society.

We are being pushed back into becoming an uninformed or rather misinformed herd and undemocratic medieval polity, by hook or by crook, by the forces of Brahminism which have, by misleading an illiterate proletariat, managed to ...

Napoleon painting row: Punjab Govt insists on riding its high horse
Guru Gobind Singh Ji astride Napoleon’s horse?
26.12.17 - S Pal

Top intellectuals call out the govt’s bluff as row rages further
ON THE FACE OF IT, this was the easiest controversy to be put to rest. 

Place both the paintings side by side — the one that figured in the Amarinder Singh government’s official advertisement to mark the 350th birth  celebrations of the Tenth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, and the other painting of Napoleon Crossing the Alps, painted by a lackey court artist named Jacques-Louis David in the year 1802.

Now, one needs to have an IQ of less than 10 to decide if it is an outright thievery, an inspiration, a blending, a cultural exchange, or an idea refracting a different meaning. The defence that the Amarinder Government’s unnamed official spokesperson came up with can only be termed as a poor understanding of her/his job.

Most governments employ lackey spokespersons/advisors etc with a specific, well defined aim: when someone unduly ...

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